Where do those shitty proposals come from?
SHOOTING STRAIGHT - Bobit S. Avila (The Freeman) - October 10, 2017 - 4:00pm

I don't know where those shitty ideas are coming from, but they are out there. One such shitty suggestion is for Pres. Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte to be the chief prosecutor during the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno. Any law student worth his salt would frown on this suggestion simply because the president belongs to the Executive Branch of the Philippine government, while the impeachment case is filed and processed in the Legislative Branch of the government. Thus the one making that suggestion was bordering on stupidity!

Another shitty suggestion was subject to an editorial report in yesterday's The FREEMAN newspaper entitled, "Shame doesn't work anymore against drugs." Again, this idea of having a "shame" campaign as a means to fight illegal drugs, which was done during the time of Manila Mayor Alfred Lim, no longer works. Allow me to reprint the first two paragraphs of this editorial.

"The idea of shaming people by either posting notices on their homes that therein lives a drug suspect, or on the homes of their neighbors that their homes are free of drugs, while certain to make it to the news and merit some discussion by pundits, is not the way to fight the drug war. And it is not the way to fight the drug war because it does not work.

"The shame campaign does not work because it springs from the premise that people who are into drugs can be shamed. No they cannot. If shame still worked at all on them, they would have kicked the habit long ago. It is not shame that will make them kick the habit but common sense. But since drugs inevitably wipes common sense away, then there is no way out for them except to get killed in the war, or get arrested alive to face the consequences."

One is shamed when there is still an iota of decency left in a person, but taking illegal drugs and getting addicted to it is when you lose whatever decency you have left. If you didn't know, the easiest women to pick up for a night of fun are those hooked on illegal drugs simply because they would go to extreme lengths to satisfy their craving for illegal drugs, while a man may only find the means to satisfy his lust for women. This is the reality today. Thus having a shame campaign won't work simply because the shame factor is no longer present.


Did you read that report from Senate President Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III that ruling party PDP-Laban will stop accepting new members by the end of November to allow for enough time to screen and choose its official candidates for the May 2019 senatorial elections? Actually, there is no need for the PDP-Laban to stop accepting new members, after all, additions are always welcome in politics.

But what they should do is put a deadline for all candidates who may want to be chosen for their senatorial lineup. I have no doubt that while the 2019 midterm elections are still far away, it is high time to choose the right candidate for the PDP-Laban senatorial lineup. We know too well that Liberal Party stalwarts like Quezon City's Herbert Bautista recently abandoned the LP and joined PDP-Laban. I'm sure that there are many more LP members who are more than willing to join the bandwagon.

The Senate President pointed out, "We should now focus on teaching all members the party ideology and program of government, and deepening their understanding of these. After this, we can present a solid and united front come 2019. We are not a party of political convenience. By stopping recruitment, we will have time to indoctrinate and train our members, screen possible candidates and absorb our new members into our grassroots infrastructure."

This statement sounds like Pimentel wants to inculcate the ideals of the PDP-Laban to their new members, especially those coming from the LP. But while he insists that the PDP-Laban is not a party of convenience, whether he likes it or not, he better believe that those political butterflies they are now accepting in the PDP-Laban are using their party for their political convenience. That's why they are called "political butterflies!"


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