In our country, our "leaders" are the main problems

WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez - The Freeman

It dawns on me, after a deep contemplation, that the main problem in this country, are not the people, not the laws, not even the government. The most damaging, the most despicable, and the most dangerous problems in the Philippines today, are the scheming traditional politicians, who maliciously and with intent for self-aggrandizement, have grabbed the seats of powers and arrogate unto themselves the title of being ''leaders. They are the ones who are pushing the whole nation along the road of perdition. Knowing this, we should realize that the only solution to our problem is to unseat these pretenders to the political seats of authority through the peaceful and democratic process of election.

The real enemies of the republic are the trapos,and not only the terrorists, the criminals, the rebels, and the internal and external aggressors. Much more than any and all of them are the wolves in sheep's clothing who rob the public coffers of billions and then claim to walk in the straight and narrow path of rectitude. The real threats to the national security are the political dynasties and oligarchs who monopolize legislative, executive and local government powers, and even interfere and question the judiciary when the courts promulgate judgments that interpret the laws in a manner that opposes the hidden agenda of these traditional politicians. The real enemies are the trapos and their family dynasties.

Thus it is not enough that we criticize these political scoundrels and rascals who are not unlike the tombs, whose outward appearances are immaculate and without blemish, but inside, are hiding not only many skeletons in their closets, but huge catacombs of stench and decay. They are the mayors, the governors, congressmen, senators, and even barangay captains, and their minions and subalterns, who divert public funds into their own pockets. They are the people whom we call '' honorable'' but are actually sucking the blood of the nation's coffers, taxing the middle class to death, and harassing them, then proceed in squandering tax money to enrich themselves. Shame, shame, shame.

They are the political dynasties who virtually transform public office into family corporations. The father is the governor, the mother is the congresswoman, the son is the mayor, the daughter is a senator, and the cousins are barangay captains, provincial board members and councilors. And then, they shamelessly proclaim that this is all for public service and that the whole family, the whole clan is making a tremendous sacrifice. They buy votes, they terrorize voters, they bribe election officials and commit all sorts of murders, harassments, deceits, and malversations, all in the name of public service. Shame on these scalawags. They have destroyed this country for the longest time.

And so, are we the people helpless while these shameless nincompoops are ravaging the country? Are we, the '' hoi polloi'' without recourse, while these evil men and women are fooling all the people all the time? No. The CBCP and its president, Archbishop Soc Villegas, have issued a pastoral letter to all millions of Church members, and all faith-based organizations, as well as all men and women who fear God and love the motherland to join in a crusade led by a group called PEOPLEs' PRIMARY, which has come out with a GABAY or a guideline in choosing authentic servant leaders, and pushing for a REFORM AGENDA for a transformational leadership.

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