Facing your fears
LIFE ESSENCE - Katherine R. Oyson (The Freeman) - September 1, 2019 - 12:00am

When Tom Jones was asked by the press regarding the death of his wife Linda, who died of lung cancer, if he blamed himself for his wife’s death, he said, “Yes, I do start to think, ‘What if I had forced her to go to the doctors.’ By the time we found out about her cancer, it was too late.”

I can surmise that maybe Linda was afraid to see a doctor for fear of facing the truth. Many of us are like Linda, afraid to see our doctor if there is something unusual that happens in our body. We ignore the symptoms and are afraid to face the truth.  The doctor’s advice is not to ignore the symptoms that occur in our body.  It’s best to see a doctor right away while the illness or  disease is still in its early stage, while it can still be managed

In this life, whatever uncomfortable situations you have to face, it’s best to face the situation. Running from it or ignoring it will only make the matter worst. Besides, it will continue to haunt you whatever that is. It’s like a shadow that is always following you wherever you are. You will never have peace of mind.

Facing the demons in our life is the best that we can do. No matter what kind of ‘demons’ we are facing. with the help of God through our prayers, it can change everything. Prayer can change our perspective in life. With God’s grace, we can stay still and surrender our fears to the Lord. In Psalm 46:10, God says: “Be still and know that I am God.” In this life of tribulations and trials, we have to surrender our burdens to the Lord because He is an Almighty God, and He is control of everything. Trusting God in whatever circumstances we are in, life can be a bit easier.

If you’re one of those who has fear lurking in the inner core of your heart and mind, here’s the suggestion of Jim Rohn at the www.success.com, to help you build your courage and face your fears:

• Put all remote possibilities out of your mind. Don’t worry about things you have no control over. Don’t spend your time thinking about all of the bad things that might happen to you. Don’t spend your time plotting and planning ways to make sure these things will never happen. Courageous people don’t worry about things that are out of their control or things that are unlikely to happen. They concentrate on what they can control.

• Face your fears before you start something.  Imagine difficult situations before they occur. Make a list of the worst that could happen, and you’ll probably see that the situation is not so bad after all… Once you face your fear, you can move on. Once you’ve figured out of the worst that could possibly happen, you’ll see that you have the inner strength to deal with it if the worst scenario comes about. And here’s the best part: If you’ve looked at the possibilities beforehand, you’ll probably never be faced with the situation at all. Why? Because you’ve already been through it. By contemplating what might happen, you’ve charted your course to ensure that it doesn’t.

• Imagine the alternative. Picture the result of giving into your fears.  Really feel the cost of being ruled by fear; then really feel the benefits of courageously following whatever you want in life… Once again, it’s your choice. Be fueled by your fear, or face your fears. It all depends on how you choose to live your life.

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