Our president is not God
BUSINESS AFTER BUSINESS - Romelinda Garces (The Freeman) - June 2, 2016 - 12:00am

Honestly, I don’t know what to say.  There is the niggling crawl at the back of my neck that requires release from all these things I am reading and hearing about how the Philippines is going to be, and how people are declining and fighting over government positions under the new administration. 

Much as I strive to veer away from political discussions and their never ending debates, I just can’t help being disturbed by all these speculations.

I recall in the book of Kings, when the people needed a political leader, since they already had prophets for the spiritual side of their life, God gave them Saul. And since Saul looked good, and stood out among men, physically attractive and seemingly courageous and astute. People, hungry for a leader to look up to voted for Saul.  So Saul became the first king.  And he led with power and might because he was anointed by the Lord. Until he became too focused on himself and forgot that the main driver of his power was God. Saul died in battle with his sons.

Then David came. David was hailed king, still, as anointed by God, because he was able to topple Goliath when the armies of Saul were so afraid. And David, proved to be a good king with women his only weakness. Still, God did not forget to punish him for his faults, and David, did not forget to repent and always go back to God for his transgressions.

David was a king after God’s heart and kept pressing on, following the direction God gave, and when he did, the Lord honored his prayers and made David’s army win battles. The many concubines and wives of David however created for him problems with his children. How could he give all of them attention?  So some of them down the line were for him, and others against him. But God never left David. As David continued to lean on God. David died a peaceful death having successfully turned over his kingdom to King Solomon.

King Solomon was the wisest among kings that God anointed in those times. King Solomon was after peace, and during his reign, peace ruled over the land. King Solomon, like his father was prayerful and always sought the direction of God. However, since his nature was to seek peace, his methods were compromising. He married women of other faiths, and perhaps noting from how he grew up, and the possible daily bickerings among his father’s women and children, his own 300 concubines and 700 wives had to be occupied. King Solomon sowed peace in his household by building altars for his wives’ idols, sometimes joining them even if just for show, to keep peace. God was not pleased. This violated the first commandment to LOVE GOD ABOVE ALL and have NO OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM.

Solomon reigned for 40 years but they were not as he expected to be all years of peace for when his act of pleasing others before God took over, God raised adversaries to taunt his move for peace. 

The lessons from these first kings can be noted as a political mirror. What made them win, and what made them lose was a total to surrender to the Lord for plans, and decisions. At the risk of sounding preachy, we must heed the directions from God and be obedient. Tough actually.  In today’s world we are too self-sufficient to even notice that we need God and not just a president. Sadly in our country, we treat our president like one.  As if he can do ALL things.  There will never be a perfect president. Only a perfect God.  So where should we lean?

All of the kings were anointed by God. All leaders are. No matter how we may not want some of them. God allows them to reign because He comes before us, and knows what is in our hearts.  He knows the king we deserve. This is stated in the book of Samuel when people were discontented with Saul, the Lord said they got what they asked for. They got the leader they deserved.

I still believe that all things will come to place. Perhaps at this point in time, our present leadership is the leader we need. With all the chaos that is apparent, and our lack of discipline after a long time of martial rule, we may not have managed our freedom well. We have somehow self-destructed.

But my point is, let us give our new leadership a chance. For nothing under the eyes of God is there without His permission. Pray and have faith, then move on.

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