’Tis the season they are shooting

CTALK - Cito Beltran (The Philippine Star) - December 10, 2015 - 9:00am

Far from being the season to be jolly, people in Metro Manila are so miserable and irritable that some individual has resorted to let off steam by firing live bullets at an equally angry motorist. This incident took place somewhere in Pasig and ended up sending one driver in serious condition if he isn’t dead yet. The shooter who was in an Innova fled from the scene not realizing that so many people got his license plate.

This scene is not one of a kind or never heard of. In fact it is one of the reasons many radio DJs and announcers constantly remind us to be patient and not to lose our temper during the season of joy. Ironic that it is in the Christmas holy days that our tempers fly, our selfishness in traffic reigns and for a few, murder reigns and not goodwill to men!

Given the gravity and predictability of things, I am suggesting that the government declare a “gun ban” on the road during the Christmas season. Regardless of your stand on gun ownership, my suggestion is simply a precautionary measure to avoid frustrated or hotheaded individuals from “losing it” in our maddening traffic and taking out their anger on someone else with fatal consequences! If this is not at all possible or popular then please try to voluntarily place your gun in the baggage/boot/ or rear trunk under lock and key.

I believe that 90% of the people with a permit to carry or authorized to pack a weapon, don’t have a death threat or immediate need for their gun. But 100% of drivers will be inclined to lose their patience and self-control under such severe traffic conditions. The added delay or difficulty to grab a gun and shoot someone might ultimately save someone’s life and as well as sending you to prison.

If the VACC or any crime watch group reads this I hope you can find the victim and may I suggest that you help them file a civil suit against national, metro and local officials for indirectly causing the death of their family member due to their failure to manage traffic. Until these idiots start facing civil and criminal suits for wrongful deaths or indirect manslaughter, they won’t take traffic management seriously!

* * *

If you’re wondering what causes all the traffic, I can provide you with an answer that I got directly from people manning the intersection. Last Wednesday I tried but failed to get out of our village because what used to be the Shaw Boulevard Rotunda is being transformed into an intersection and the road was blocked. There was no enforcer in sight and seeing it was blocked both ways, I returned home and went on foot to nearby Capitol Commons across Shaw.

At the would be intersection I saw an enforcer just about to take his position and I asked him where he came from and why no one was manning the traffic earlier? He said: Sorry sir, we had to go for lunch break!

Only in the Philippines!

* * *

If you surf the web or spend time on Facebook, chances are you’ve come across the video featuring the Free Shuttle bus service offered by San Miguel Corp. that features various SMC players acting as trip stewards or attendants who give commuters juices, food packs and other treats while doing selfies and autographs.

This I have to say is a lot better than spending money on TV commercials because San Miguel brings together their product promotion, corporate goodwill or CSR and most of all makes a difference in the ordinary day of their customers and the riding public. It is every basketball fan’s dream to see their favorite player, get a selfie, but imagine riding side by side as if they were BFF. This is certainly a good business model for public and human relations that is worth copying and sharing.

* * *

Considering the consistent pro-consumer and pro Filipino stance of Senators Ralph Recto and Sonny Angara, I sometimes wish they had bonded as an alternative to our list of candidates to occupy Malacañang. These two Senators should concentrate on what they are doing right because like I said before, the Filipino people are so sick and tired of the “absolute” incompetence of the PNoy Misadministration and their apparent pro-rich / anti-common tao management.

Recto has been spending a lot of time paying attention to consumer issues the latest of which are the multiple failures of the Land Transportation Office. In the most recent example of idiocy, the LTO wanted to require PNP and NBI clearance, that resulted in a debate on the Senate floor where Loren Legarda pitifully attempted to justify the LTO stance upon dictation and coaching by some unseen adviser. Things did not get any easier when Recto started mentioning all the shortcomings and non-delivery of the LTO to the paying and driving public. The one thing that Recto really nailed was when he said “galit na ang tao.” Yes we are mad and Recto should initiate cases with the Ombudsman against the DOTC/LTO leadership for failing to deliver license plates, license cards, RFID stickers, etc.

If Recto is consistent, I am happy that Sonny Angara has chosen to be a like a Pit Bull that refuses to let go of the Tax Reform bill as well as reminding the NTC, the telcos and the general public that the services and prices being charged by the duopoly are so bad and so expensive it is the reason our economy is not taking off faster.

Instead of trying to divert attention to the competition they claim they are not afraid off, the telcos should exert more effort at improving speed and quality of Internet speed and reliability. In the early years the two companies met the country’s and the people’s needs. But now they have to do much, much more to satisfy customers who in turn will be loyal customers. Both companies know that the only reason customers shift brands between Smart and Globe is because their needs or requirements were met. Satisfy a Filipino customer and they tend to be loyal for the long term. It’s that simple!

* * *

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