'Blue's Clues & You' episode showing Filipino culture re-airs for International Family Day

'Blue's Clues & You' will re-air 'Bibingka' episode for International Family Day

MANILA, Philippines — In time for International Family Day, American animated educational program "Blue's Clues & You" re-aired the episode where Filipino host Joshua de la Cruz was visited by his grandmother to help him bake “bibingka” on Nickelodeon. 

In a statement sent to Philstar.com, Nickelodeon said that they would re-air the episode for the special occasion. 

“This International Family Day, join Josh (played by Filipino-American Josh Dela Cruz) and everyone's favorite imaginative puppy Blue as they whip up a sweet treat for an extra special guest - Josh's lola (played by Carolyn Fe),” Nickelodeon said in a statement. 

Last November, "Blue's Clues & You" was commended by Filipino internet users in America for showing Filipino traits in the program’s episode. 

Filipino-American psychologist EJ Ramos David took to Twitter to commend the educational program. 

"We have an entire generation of American kids being exposed to a Filipino dude on TV, doing the 'Mano po' to his Lola, & making bibingka. My kids are seeing their lives on TV," he wrote. 

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"By the way, in addition to #BluesCluesAndYou & Disney’s parol & 'Float', there is also a Filipina American character in @MollyOfDenali. Representation really is important, especially for the young people," he wrote in another tweet.

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