Not alone but together
In a tell-all Conversation, Enrique Gil finally confessed that, yes, he and Liza Soberano are together not just on-screen but also, more so, off screen. No defenses at all. They were candid and comfortable with each other as this series of photos proves.

Not alone but together

CONVERSATIONS - Ricky Lo (The Philippine Star) - February 10, 2019 - 12:00am

First, the confession.

As a nod to the title of their fifth starrer, Blacksheep’s Alone/Together (showing nationwide starting on Wednesday, Feb. 13), first thing that Conversations asked Enrique Gil was, “Are you and Liza alone or together?”

Without blinking and winking at Liza Soberano seated beside him during this exclusive interview, Enrique said, “Yes, we are.” Together, that is. Liza butted in, “On-screen or off screen?” And Enrique repeated loud and clear, “On screen and off screen. I wanna say that we are together.”

Three things you like about each other.Enrique: ‘She has a huge, huge heart. She’s very thoughtful and she’s very giving.’ Liza: ‘He’s familyoriented, he’s funny and he’s smart.’

With that long-kept secret off his chest, Enrique and his ladylove (they are popularly known as LizQuen) settled down for a playful “Take 3” chitchat which may sound innocuous to some people but is actually revealing, especially if you read the answers carefully between the lines.

Oh, the movie. Written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone (read accompanying story in “jump” page), Alone/Together is so titled because it’s about an aspiring museum director (Enrique) who met a carefree pre-med student (Liza) during their college years, got separated and becoming “alone” until, years later, they met again and be “together.”

The sweethearts shot crucial scenes in New York City for three days and spent the extra one day taking juicy bites of the Big Apple, simply relaxing and being themselves, free as birds and enjoying every moment of their “two-getherness,” away from the cameras and the madding crowd, not minding if the temperature was -8.

Three things you don’t like about eachother. Enrique: ‘She’s impatient, especially when I am makulit, she acts older than her age and she wants to be in control of things, not controlling ha, but she would say, ‘Ako na ang bahala dyan’.’ Liza: ‘He’s talkative, he has a very short attention span and sometimes he acts younger than me… not immature but just younger than me.’

Since they have traveled together several times (“I’ve never gone abroad without him,” said Liza), there was no more need to discover anything new about themselves in NYC.

“During our trips abroad,” shared Enrique who at 26 is five years Liza’s senior, “we enjoy all the fun things…the theme parks, the museums, whatever.”

“Basically,” added Liza, “we do everything that we can’t do here…and shop to our hearts’ content.”

Now, let’s do “Take 3” with the lovers who are spending Valentine’s Day attending block screenings for their movie and, why not, having a candle-lit dinner…but where can they find a less-crowded place in a “love-ful” day like this?

If you were to be one of these three animals, what would you be (to Enrique, a Monkey according to the Chinese horoscope)…a horse, a tiger or an elephant? “I would rather be a dog, because I love dogs.” The type that barks and barks but no bite? “Awww! I don’t think so. I bark and bark and I bite, too. Or maybe I want to be a fish.” (To Liza, a Tiger)…a peacock, a lovebird or a maya? “I’d be a lovebird.”

If there were only three people left in the world, who would you choose to be with? Enrique: “My mom (a retired PAL purser), my younger sister Andie and, of course, Hopie.” Liza: “My dad, my brother Justin and Quen.”

If you had only P1,000 left in your pocket, what would you rather buy...a good meal, a dress or a book? Enrique: “Food. Any kind of food worth P1,000.” Liza: “I’m contemplating between a book and food. I love food but I love books, too. Yes, a mystery book. When I’m reading a book, I don’t notice the passing of time.”

Aside from each other, who are the three stars you would pick as partners in a movie? Enrique: “Angelina Jolie, Dua Lipa and Winona Ryder or Cameron Diaz.” Liza: “Jungkook (maybe in a music video), James McAvoy and Johnny Depp.”

Three roles that you haven’t done and would like to play. Enrique: “A car-racer like Paul Walker in Fast & Furious, a character in a rugged-action movie and a character in a horror movie.” Liza: “A ghost, a zombie and a character in a horror movie like The Haunting. Or a serial killer.”

Three words that best describe direk Antoinette Jadaone. Enrique: “Cool, never raises her voice on the set but got irked when we were late once; artistic, young; and true to herself.” Liza: “Chill, smart and creative.”

What three items would you pick from a buffet table? Enrique: “Pasta, chicken and any kind of dessert.” Liza: “Pasta, cheese and ice cream flavored with cookies and cream.”

Three items you would prioritize during a shopping spree. Enrique: “Tops, hoodies/jackets and caps.” Liza: “Shoes. We have a stylist who dresses us pero usually ang hindi nila dinadala ay shoes. Hair products, different kinds of shampoo and facial-care products.”

Three persons that you admire. Enrique: “My mom (I’m a Mama’s Boy), my dad and Hopie.” Liza: “My Auntie Frances, Ate Anne (Curtis) and Quen.”

Three things you like about each other. Enrique: “She has a huge, huge heart. She’s very thoughtful and she’s very giving.” Liza: “He’s family-oriented, he’s funny and he’s smart.”

Three things you don’t like about each other. Enrique: “She’s impatient, especially when I am makulit, she acts older than her age and she wants to be in control of things, not controlling ha, but she would say, ‘Ako na ang bahala dyan.’” Liza: “He’s talkative, he has a very short attention span and sometimes he acts younger than me…not immature but just younger than me.”

Writer-director Antoinette Jadaone (center) on LizQuen

How was your first time directing LizQuen?

“They surprised me with how smart and committed they are to their characters. They are so young — Hopie is 21, Quen is 26 — but they are very mature in handling their scenes. They listen but they also surprise me with their own take on the scenes.”

Were there any tell-tale signs on the set that they are not alone but together not just on-screen but also off screen?

“They care for each other, you can see that with how they deal with each other on- and off screen. Sweet sila pareho, pero parang aso’t-pusa rin.”

How do you think the movie will resonate among millennials?

“It’s about them. It’s the story of our youth — but those who are young now and those who used to be young. It’s a familiar feeling — that of the good ol’ days when we knew we could change the world but later on found out that the real world is nothing we prepared for in college. It’s an ode to our college selves.”

Where and how do you get ideas for your films?

“Everywhere! That’s why I always keep a notebook with me wherever I go. You don’t know when a light-bulb moment will appear so better be ready anytime.”

What’s your priority, box office or awards?

“Audience reception. Na may nakuha sila sa pelikula pagka-nanood at hindi lumipas lang pagka-labas ng sinehan.”

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