How well do you know man’s best friend onscreen?

Joy Jonette Chuyaco - The Philippine Star
How well do you know manâs best friend onscreen?

MANILA, Philippines — Another New Year celebration is upon us — that is the Chinese New Year. According to the lunar calendar, Feb. 16 marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog.

Let’s welcome the Year of the Dog by taking a quiz about loyal four-legged friends on screen. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Have a prosperous New Year!

1. What is the title of the 2017 heartwarming movie about a dog’s journey in several lifetimes? Throughout his journeys, he touched lives of people and in return, he finds meaning in his existence.

a. Land Before Time

b. Lassie Come Home

c. Homeward Bound

d. A Dog’s Purpose


2. What breed is Scooby-Doo?

a. Poodle

b. Great Dane

c. German Shepherd

d. Siberian Husky


3. In the movie My Dog Skip, what breed is Skip?

a. Jack Russell Terrier  

b. Pomeranian

c. Beagle

d. Schnauzer


4. The 2009 film Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is based on a true story remade from the 1987 original one. What is Hachi’s full name?

a. Hachi            b. Hachi Imu

c. Hachiko        d. Hachima


5. In the movie Beethoven’s 2nd, what is the name of Beethoven’s love interest?

a. Nala b. Missy

c. Kimi d. Apple


6. What is the name of this army service dog whose owner died in the field? (Clue: The dog’s name is the movie’s title)

a. Cujo  b. Max 

c. Cooper          d. Jerry Lee


7. In the 2006 movie Eight Below, how many sled dogs survived in the end?

a. 8       b. 4    c.6     d. none


8. In the famous Walt Disney film 101 Dalmatians, what are the names of the two lead Dalmatians?

a. Pongo and Perdita    

b. Pongo and Pangga   

c. Ponggo and Missy

d. Bonnie and Clyde


9. The 1989 animated film is famously titled, All Dogs Go To __________.

a. Streets           b. Heaven

c. Hell   d. Pet Shop


10. In the 1943 movie Lassie Come Home, Lassie takes a journey _________.

a. to the mountains

b. to the sea      c. to town

d. to go back home


11. In the 1983 Stephen King movie, what is the name of the rabid dog that attacked its owners and were trapped in the car?

a. Cuko            b. Cujo

c. Bud   d. Lassie


12. What is the name of this celebrity dog that believes its super powers are real? The dog embarks on a journey filled with confidence that its so-called special abilities will save a friend.

a. Bolt   b. Balto

c. Simba           d. Boo


13. Which sports did Buddy from Air Bud play?

a. Baseball        b. Swimming

c. Football         d. Basketball


14. What is the name of Dorothy’s pet dog in The Wizard of Oz?

a. Tin Man        b. Toto 

c. Bobo d. Hunk


15. In the 1993 film Homeward Bound: The incredible Journey, what are the names of the two lead dog characters?

a. Jerry and James

b. Mike and Bud

c. Chance and Shadow

d. Chance and Nala


16. In the film The Secret Life of Pets, what is the breed of the lead character dog Max?

a. Jack Russell Terrier   b. Pug  

c. Chihuahua                 d. Poodle


17. In the 1989 movie K-9, what is the name of Officer Mike Dooley’s new partner?

a. Max  b. Jerry Lee

c. Marcus          d. Bruce


18. In Hotel for Dogs, what is the name of Andi and Bruce’s dog?

a. Bing b. Sue  

c. Brownie        d. Friday


19. What are the names of the lead character chihuahuas in the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

a. Papi and Chloe

b. Pongo and Perdita   

c. Papi and Mimi

d. Jim and Jam


20. This touching film is about a yellow Labrador Retriever bought by a couple who are contemplating on having a baby. The dog quickly becomes more of a family member than just a pet. What is the title of the movie?

a. Air Bud         b. A Dog’s Purpose

c. Lassie Come Home

d. Marley and Me

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