How Will Devaughn, the ‘bald is beautiful’ model-actor, found true love in the person of actress Roxanne Barcelo (inset and below)

If there’s a Will, there’s a way
CONVERSATIONS - Ricky Lo (The Philippine Star) - September 9, 2017 - 4:00pm

When Afro-American-German model-actor Will Devaughn came here many years ago, he had a mission — to find his Filipina girlfriend. He did find her but, alas and alack, the woman had found a new love. Instead of sulking, Will (full name: William Devaughn Stumpf) blithely moved on, dating one girl after another, until he found true love in actress Roxanne Barcelo (who is in the Kapamilya soap Wildflower and in a few movies including Bloody War and Way of the Cross).

Will has no Filipino blood but he can be more Filipino than some Filipinos and not only in looks but in his heart, no wonder he decided to stay here for good. He arrived in 2004 not knowing a single Tagalog word and now he speaks the language as fluently as the natives, earning more fans when he entered the Pinoy Big Brother’s house (Celebrity 2 Edition) and emerged fourth placer. He was lately seen in the GMA shows Trops and My Love From The Star.

The sweethearts have just wrapped the movie I Found My Heart in Santa Fe which they co-produced for Blu Art Productions, opening on Friday, Sept. 15, as part of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP)’s CineLokal.

“Ang saya!” Will summed up his experience of working on the movie. “It was shot in paradise. I learned so much as a co-producer as well and I’m very grateful to direk Bona Fajardo and Ma’am Lyn Fajardo for taking us under their wings. Yes, mga ibon sila, hehehe!!!”                             

Will easily identifies with Viktor, his character.

“Like Viktor, I came here also as a foreigner and was also captivated by the country’s beauty and rawness. When I met Rox, I was completely taken off guard. We talked for four hours back stage during the Star Awards. We started out as friends and I consider her my best friend up to now. Four years na kami. We give each other space to grow.” (Will clarified that he and Roxanne are not living-in. He lives alone in a condo unit near Ateneo while Roxanne lives in Vista Real, a subdivision also in Quezon City.) “I love how Viktor is fearless and his heart is his compass in life. He’s adventurous and always looks on the positive side of life.” 

Roxanne plays Jennifer, a Cebuana born and raised in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island on their family resort.

“Babaeng-bakla!” laughed Roxanne.   “Cheerful when among friends but when she gets lonely, she goes to a secret place and cries her heart out. She refuses to fall in love again after her foreigner boyfriend has left her. Mas bitter pa siya sa ampalaya!

“I am similar to Jennifer in the sense that I am outgoing and positive. But when I’m going through difficult times, nobody knows, not even my closest friends. I am more comfortable dealing with challenges by myself. I just make kuwento to my friends once na-overcome ko na. I am from Bulacan and as Jennifer, so I had to speak with a soft Visayan accent.”

They have met each other’s family. Have they started discussing marriage?

“I’ve met both Mr. and Mrs. Barcelo, and Rox had the opportunity to meet my mom and dad in the US,” related Will. “We still have a few goals and dreams to achieve before we get married.”

Roxanne agreed. “Yes, Will has met my parents and I have spent time with his family as well. His kuya came here and we took him out as well. He has a beautiful family. I wish we could spend more time with them. He visits the house every now and then. Nagdadala ng mga paborito nila Nanay…pinya, lechon at pakwan. Oh yes, we have discussed marriage. Just like any other couple, we daydream about that. But the reality is we have to focus on work and our other goals to be able to save up.”         

A Pisces (Feb. 27, 1982), Will is a six-footer, weighs 175 lbs., and wears medium-sized shirt and briefs.

Do you share the same diet? What’s usually for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Will: I usually eat oatmeal with almonds, yoghurt, chia seeds and a side of fruit. For lunch, a turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese and extra lettuce. For dinner, buttered roast chicken with tomatoes and potatoes.

Roxanne: Technically, we eat almost the same food because we have the same diet food sponsor, Healthy Foodie Manila. We’re both on a High Protein Low Carbohydrates program. We both have our food delivered Mondays to Fridays and we still do detox juices from Detoxify Bar every time we feel bloated.

Do you work out together; what kind of workout and how often?

Will: Sometimes. But I usually do a mix of calisthenics, which is body-weight exercises and then I add free weights. No cardio, just high intensity.

Roxanne: We have different goals for our bodies. Will is more on building mass and I’m focused more on toning. So my program involves more cardio, light weight, higher reps. I also take dance lessons for more variety in my workout. All at Gold’s Gym. But most of the time, we are at the gym together but in different areas.

What part of your body needs improvement?

Will: Arms. I have long arms so they look skinny!

Roxanne: My triceps and belly. 

What part of your body is most vulnerable?

Will: The front and back of my knee.

Roxanne: My mind. I always have this urge to learn something new every day. I feel that there is always something to be discovered and conquered.   

What part of your body is your favorite?

Will: My chest and my quads.    

What part of each other’s body is your favorite?

Will: Her beautiful legs! They should be insured, hahaha!!!

Roxanne: That’s a difficult question because he takes care of his body. My favorite part is his heart. He has a big heart and he loves so deeply.

How much sleep do you get per night?

Will: Six to seven hours.

Roxanne: I’m lucky if I have enough sleep. I love my job and I try my best to get up early to be productive. In this case, being co-producers on our movie, Will and I are constantly thinking about our project even while we are about to sleep.

Favorite sleepwear?

Will: Bare skin! Or Rox’s unicorn onesie.                                          

Who between you snores?

Will: She doesn’t snore but she talks in her sleep. It’s super cute. Sometimes, you can even ask her questions and she answers! Hahaha!!!

Roxanne: He’s right. I don’t snore. My ears are well-trained when it comes to falling asleep in a noisy environment. I think it’s because I learned how to steal naps while juggling school and tapings. 

Last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

Will: Brush my teeth and check my Instagram.

First thing that you do as soon as you wake up?

Will: Do 50 push-ups and then check my Instagram! Hahaha!!!

How do you cope with stress?

Will: Road trip to nature. Breathe.

Roxanne: I exercise. Eat fruits. Talk to my parents and seek their advice. Pray, pray and pray.

Favorite hideaway, favorite city?

Will: My new favorite destination is definitely Santa Fe! It’s naturally beautiful, quiet and serene.

Roxanne: Well, at this moment, Sante Fe. It has definitely got to be on the top spot.                       

Have you traveled together, and how far and how often have you done it?

Will: We’ve been to the States together and many different destinations in the Philippines like Oslob, Boracay and Sagada.

Roxanne: To the States, once. We visited his mom and dad in Kentucky. Around the Philippines, a lot! I’ve lost count. There are still so many places to visit in the Philippines, my favorite place in the world.

Three women that you find sexy? 

 Will: Rachel McAdams, Rihanna and Natalie Portman.

(E-mail reactions at For more updates, photos and videos, visit or follow me on Instagram @therealrickylo.)

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