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Joy Jonette Chuyaco - The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines - When watching a movie, viewers would usually focus on the main actors. However, there are times when supporting characters catch their attention. Adorable babies in movies would usually give this effect — who doesn’t like them anyway? It doesn’t matter if they only say a word or two, their presence is already enough. Here are some of the babies in movies that have caught our eyes:  

Baby’s Day Out. The movie may have a simple storyline but just the sight of the main character “Baby Bink” is already enough to get you through the movie and enjoy his cuteness. He crawls from place to place and seems to be okay without a care in the world. Believe it or not, a sequel to the film came out! FYI: It was  twins who exchange roles for Baby Bink.

Three Men and A Baby. Three carefree men are put in a position they are not or will never be ready for. A baby is left at their doorsteps and it seems like there’s not much choice but to take on the responsibility. One of them is surely the father but they are such good friends that three of them will take care of the baby. Viewers just can’t help but laugh and gasp as they try to be the best parents.

Rosemary’s Baby. From the time when Rosemary became pregnant until the time she actually gave birth, viewers were left to wonder what’s her baby like. There was never a clear view of the baby even when he was in the stroller. Somehow, it left a mysterious, eerie feeling about the baby. Was it even a human baby? Or it could be human physically but not on the inside.

Meet the Fockers. The baby in the movie is not just cute but smart as well. There is never a dull moment with this baby. He can communicate in a special way and his facial expressions are just adorable. Thanks to his Ex-CIA Grandpa Jack. If everybody can teach their baby such skills, then everything can be easier. 

Look Who’s Talking. Sometimes, we just can’t help but wonder what these innocent babies are thinking. What if we can see or hear their thoughts? Well, the makers of the film are creative enough for us to see what goes on inside babies’ mind. Viewers will be definitely entertained, especially seeing that cute baby who stars in the movie. FYI: In its sequel, there was not only one baby talking but two — double cuteness!

The Hangover. We all know that as long as these four guys are together, they will definitely be in trouble — or even just three of them. How about adding a baby to the group? How is that going to help? He is definitely going to experience a lot of adventures with these guys. Actually, the baby helps them a bit to get away with some stuff though. FYI: The third film starred the same baby, but of course, he is older.  

Addams Family Values. A baby with a moustache? Yes, the youngest member of the Addams family has his unique feature just like his other family members. His is the cutest! Pubert may not be the main character in the movie but viewers would love him and would probably wish they could’ve seen more of him.

Shrek the Third. Who would ever think that Shrek would have such cute bundles of mini ogres? They are just so huggable and funny. No wonder Shrek and Fiona decided to have many of them. But what will happen when they’re all grown-up? It doesn’t matter, for now; let’s just enjoy them as baby ogres.    

Ghost Busters 2. Who would never notice the cuteness of Baby Oscar in the sequel of Ghost Busters? His innocent-looking face and the few sounds he makes are a sure add-up to the already entertaining movie. There are actually scenes that are a bit scary for babies but Baby Oscar is just a baby and he doesn’t know what’s going on around him anyway. FYI: It was twin brothers who portrayed the role of the baby. They are all grown-up now and are both martial artists.   

The Simpson’s Movie. Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa may have all the lines in the movie, but Maggie is definitely the most adorable one. Sometimes, she is actually the smart one, too. Probably, fans are sometimes wondering what Maggie would be like when she grows up. But, maybe, it is best for her to stay as a baby for now.


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