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Joy Jonette Chuyaco - The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – What is your favorite 2016 movie? Yes, it is that time of the year again when we all look back and recall the movies that we’ve seen during the year. Could it be that action movie that glued you to your seat? Or maybe that touching film that made you cry buckets? Perhaps, it’s that comedy film that made your day? How about that scary movie that gave you sleepless nights or probably, it’s that film that gave you a lesson about life? Oh yes, it is not easy to choose because there are just always many good ones. So how about just choosing your favorite movie heroes of the year? Now, that’s easy. Here are some suggestions. Have a Happy New Year!

Captain America: Civil War. Our favorite Marvel heroes are back this year, but it seems like there is a rift in the group that needs to be settled. What do people do when their heroes fight? It would definitely be hard to take sides, and so all they can hope for is peace. Don’t worry. Our heroes will surely settle it for the good of the people.

Suicide Squad. A group of criminals under high security is left with no choice when it is tasked to save the world. From villains to heroes, these crazy but skillful individuals have finally used their talents for the good of the world. But what happens after finishing the mission?

Deadpool. Is he an experiment that went bad or that’s just what they thought? Wade Wilson possesses an ability that he can choose to use for the good or for the bad. Apart from his mission to get back at those who did him wrong, let’s hope he also decides to protect people from harm. Deadpool is a one-of-a-kind hero. Gotta see him or rather, hear him to believe it.

Finding Dory. After successfully finding Nemo in 2003, what’s next? This time, Dory tries to find her parents. Together with her friends Nemo and Marlin, they all embark on a journey that will teach them a lot about friendship, family and life. Finding Dory is one of the many animated films that are not just for kids but for adults as well.

Kung Fu Panda 3. On the third installment of the animated film series, Po meets his Panda father. As they journey to the world of pandas, Po is faced with a task he doesn’t believe he could fulfill. The film is full of cuteness and humor that viewers truly enjoy. No wonder it was still a hit even for its third film. Will there be a fourth?

London Has Fallen. The terrorists are at it again and attack London. Guess who’s there to save the day? Yes, Agent Mike Banning who did a great job saving the White House last time. However, this time, he is up against a larger group of bad guys, and not only that, he also needs to protect the president.

Dr. Strange. Sometimes, it takes a big blow to our life to discover our inner abilities. Dr. Strange is a brilliant but arrogant surgeon. Everything changes after his accident that costs him his career. In search of healing, he finds the most amazing ability he has never imagined he possesses.

Inferno. This year, symbologist Robert Langdon takes us to another adventure of discovering things and saving the world. He wakes up in a hospital not remembering anything. As if this is not enough of a problem, he needs to save the world from a virus that’s about to be released. Good luck Sir!

Now You See Me 2. This year, our favorite horsemen came back to give us another film filled with magic and illusion. This time, they work closely with “The Eye” but things turn more complicated as someone from the past is back for revenge. The group also needs to work with some new people which makes things even more difficult but, nonetheless, a worthwhile experience. After all this, will they finally meet the leader of “The Eye”?

Independence Day: Resurgence. The film follows as a sequel to the 1996 movie Independence Day. After 20 years, the aliens are back again. They are now more powerful and determined to conquer Earth. Are humans ready to fight and protect their world or is it time to give up?

The BFG. Would you want to have a special friend? No, not a tiny one but a giant instead. Sophie befriends a giant who actually is a friendly and nice old guy. Together, they go for adventures and discover things. Apparently, not everyone is happy with how things are going. There are bad giants that are against their friendship. Now how do they deal with it?

The Purge: Election Year. After the two previous Purge movies, fans are once again taken into the imaginary time when all crimes are legal. However, this time, rules have changed: Public officials are included in the game. As Purge night arrives, some citizens are also out and ready to be a hero to stop all the madness.

Ghostbusters. This year, an all-ladies team of Ghostbusters has come out. It may be a different team but it still has the same fun-filled ghost-hunting adventures. Some people think that it is kind of off to change the original all-male team into gals but there are some who think that it is actually cool — for a change.

Sully. Based on a true story about a pilot who lands his plane safely at a river, with no casualties and only minor injuries. All seems well and the pilot Chesley Sullenberger is congratulated for a job well done. However, problem arises when investigation about the landing takes place. Is there any truth that the public must know?

Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. At Ms. Peregrine’s home, there are children that are not so ordinary. They have abilities or features that ordinary people would find really strange: A girl who is too light, someone who can start a fire, a kid who has super strength and many others. But what would happen if one day, Ms. Peregrine won’t be there to protect them? Watch and find out.

The Accountant. Christian Wolff is not your ordinary accountant. He is genius and his clients are not ordinary citizens either. When some secrets are uncovered, Christian is on his way to do all he can to protect the facts. Is his skill enough to protect himself and the truth?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Another example of those books-turned-movies, the film is about a young wizard writer who has some not-your-ordinary things in his suitcase. Problem arises when his precious suitcase is switched with another one. Another brilliant work by J.K Rowling, the film is one of the 2016 favorites.

Moana. A young, courageous girl tries to save her tribe from a curse. She sets off in the ocean and starts her journey. As expected, she meets different characters that would make her journey even more interesting. The story is based on a Polynesian mythology.

Underworld: Blood Wars. The never-ending battle between the lycans and the vampires came upon us again this year. This time, the lead character Selene is determined to end the war no matter what it takes. Is this the final battle or will we see them again in the years to come?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. A film about the history of the powerful Death Star, this was a perfect New Year’s treat for Star Wars fans. There are new characters, villains and new heroes to meet, so hopefully you didn’t miss the movie. It is actually quite fascinating how producers could connect Rogue One to the Star Wars saga.


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