It’s short and simple (shortest movie titles)

Joy Jonette Chuyaco - The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines - Movie titles are usually composed of a few words to define a film. It has to be catchy or unique enough for people to remember. Some titles are too long that they need to be in acronym, while there are those that are short enough, as in “one-word” titles.

Many would probably say that short titles are easier to remember but that may not always be the case. Take this quiz and find out if you can recall the names of these 20 “short-titled” films ­— hopefully, it won’t take you long. (Clue: The following movies are not longer than a five-letter word.)

A movie based on a Stephen King novel. Warning: this movie might change on how you look at clowns.

1. _ t

This movie is about mutants and how they survive together with humans. Some of them are pro-humans, while others like to rule over them.

2. _ - _ _n

This Christmas flick is about a guy who was raised in the North Pole but now tries to search for his true identity.

3. E _ _

At this beach lurks a killer shark that has the appetite of a hungry monster. It is one of the greatest movies of all time.

4. _ a _ _

A writer dares to stay in a haunted hotel room. What seems to be unreal to him is slowly becoming all too real.

5. _ _ 0 _

A series of horror flicks that contains much gore and actually a pretty good storyline. Clue: John Kramer is the villain’s name.

6. S _ _

After Sam was murdered, his spirit decided to stay with his grieving girlfriend, Molly. Death didn’t seem to do them part.

7. _ _ _ s _

This adorable pig surely won the heart of the viewers. It is actually a touching film as well.

8. B _ _ _

A husband finds a way to control his life through a device that he got from a mysterious man.

9. _ l _ _ _

Don’t give this guy a hard time or else he might turn into a huge, destructive, green monster.

10. _ _ _ k

In his hand he holds a weapon. A thing that no one else can use but him. He is not from our world but he is our avenger.

11. T _ _ _

An old man pursues his dream. He travels via his flying house (tied up with balloons). Well, it’s never too late.

12. _ _

A robotic boy longs for human love and so he tries to prove that he is capable of loving as well. 

13. _ . I 

A CIA worker tries to prove that her skill is more than just sitting behind the desk. A really funny movie from 2015.

14. S _ _

An extreme sports athlete is hired to take on a mission that will definitely test his abilities.

15. X _ _

A movie from way back 1999, it’s about an investigator who takes on a case that tries to find the truth behind a suspicious video.

16. _ m _

A group of retired but skillful CIA agents comes back in action. It seems like they still got it. Cool guys!

17. _ _ D

Two birds take on a wild adventure as they escape from the bad guys who are planning to smuggle them.

18. _ i _

A guy with a special ability, who lives in the hiding, is once again out. Together with a partner, who also has a gift, they search for ways to bring down the agency that abuses people with such gifts.

19. P _ _ _

A 2006 animation about a racing car who meets new friends and learns real-life lessons as he journeys to his next competition.  

20. _ _ _ s


Answer Key:

1. It

2. X-Men

3. Elf

4. Jaws

5. 1408 

6. Saw

7. Ghost

8. Babe

9. Click

10. Hulk



13. A.I.

14. Spy

15. XXX

16. 8mm

17. RED

18. Rio

19. Push



Test Result:

1-5 points. Don’t worry, people forget sometimes. Try to work on that memory though.

6-10 points. You’re doing fine. Maybe you just need some reminding.

11-15 points. Good job! These short movie titles are not so bad for you after all!    

16-20 points. Amazing! Short and simple movie titles are probably your thing. You might even have more in mind.

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