Body Talk with RK Bagatsing
FUNFARE - Ricky Lo (The Philippine Star) - August 20, 2016 - 12:00am

Can he live up to being tagged ‘The Next Big Thing?’

When Ramon Khino “RK” Bagatsing appeared as guest on Tonight with Boy Abunda recently, Boy tagged him as “The Next Coco Martin,” a comparison that made RK blush with undisguised embarrassment, especially after Boy added another tag, “The Next Big Thing.”

Quite a Herculean challenge for RK to hurdle but then, you can never tell, can you?

Like Coco, RK started as a daring indie actor playing a gay role in Slumber Party (2012), followed by Violator (2014) and An Kubo sa Kawayanan (2015). Like Alden Richards, RK didn’t make it to PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) and StarStruck (Alden was eliminated). Then came his break in the ABS-CBN teleserye Be My Lady as Erich Gonzales’ brother who started as a vulcanizer and now mekaniko, a role that allows RK to be shirtless, the better to flaunt machismo.

His Kuya Raymond is a versatile actor and that’s another challenge to RK. (His older sister Monina used to be a part of Star Circle.)   

“Our grandfather, Ramon D. Bagatsing, was the longest-serving mayor of Manila,” shared RK, the second to the youngest among eight siblings. “I consider Raymond as one of my mentors. He never fails to give me (pieces of) good advice. I think he can be a shrink if he wants to. He’s never selfish in sharing his knowledge about the craft. I can sit down with him to work on a script and help me build a character in a project. If I had the money, I would hire him to be my acting coach in all of my projects, hahahaha!”

RK grew up watching Monina and Raymond onscreen, inspiring him to become an actor.

“I would think, maybe I can do that,” said RK.

A Taurian (May 9, 1988), RK stands 5’8”; weighs 145 lbs.; wears small-medium-sized shirt and boxers, and size-nine shoes.

How do you take care of your body?

“Before, I try my best to work out almost every day, even on Sundays. I switched the schedule from time to time so I wouldn’t get bored. I do weight training, biking/cycling, boxing, crossfit, etc. But nowadays, busy with the shoot for Be My Lady, I’m lucky if I get to work out twice or thrice a week. I just try to do a hundred push-ups and crunches every morning to make up for it.”

What part of your body needs improvement?





I think my whole body needs improvement. Although I’m slowly trying to get back to that healthy lifestyle routine so I’m on my way to a better shape. But if I have to pick one, it would be my legs.

What part is most vulnerable?

“My knee. A few years ago, I tore a ligament in a basketball game. That’s why my legs are not that toned. I never underwent surgery so I need to work my way around it by strengthening my leg muscles.”

And what part is his favorite?

“My eyes.”

What part of a woman’s body do you look at first?

“Smile…is that considered a part of the body? There is a certain smile that is contagious. When you see it, it lights you up inside.”

What else in a woman turns you on?

“When she can relate to my music playlist.”

And what turns you off?

“Talking when my favorite song is playing. Let’s just chill and wait till it finishes then let’s talk, hahahaha! And also, one who asks a lot of questions while watching a movie.”

What kind of diet do you follow?

“Low-carb-high-protein diet.”

What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and snacks?

“On regular days, I’m not a morning person. My meal starts with brunch. But I allow myself to go all out on carbs with any protein on my first meal of the day, then I eat less and less until I reach my last meal which is dinner. I try to avoid any carbs in the evening before I go to bed. If I’m still awake during midnight, I usually give in to the temptation of a quick drive-thru and order some fast-food meals. The guilt never fails to motivate me to work out the following day.”

How much water do you take per day?

“A lot. I feel as if I’m in a water-drinking contest until my pee is crystal clear.”

What vitamins do you take?

“Vitamin C every day. It’s weird but I feel close to getting sick if I miss one in a day.”

Do you take hard drinks?


Do you smoke?


How do you cope with stress?

“I stay in bed a lot and binge by watching movies or a TV series.” 

What about massage?

“I love it. At least once or twice a week.”

Favorite hideaway?

“Lazing on the beach or hiking on a mountain. But my bed usually does the job. So just being under the sheets is a getaway.”

Outlook in life?

“I embrace the ups and downs. No regrets. Life’s not supposed to be all easy. It’s supposed to test you, break you and hurt like hell. Because only then will you realize what you’re really capable of.”

How much sleep do you get per night?

“Eight to nine hours when I’m not working. When working, four hours are good enough, which is not bad because I sleep a lot on set while waiting for my turn to shoot.”

Favorite sleepwear?


Do you ever sleep in the nude?

“I remember from few years back, I got so drunk the night before that when I woke up the next day in my room, I was on the floor, naked.”

How many pillows do you sleep with?


Do you snore?

“Yes, I do.” 

Do you talk in your sleep?

“Not that I’m aware of. But there are times I wake up crying or laughing.”

Last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

“Over think.”

First thing that you do as soon as you wake up?

“Stare at the ceiling while I over thinking, hahahaha!”

How’s your love life?

“I’m in a good place right now.”

How’s your sex life?

“It’s like having that really crispy bacon for breakfast once in a while. You don’t always have it but when you do, it’s perfect. Hahahaha!”

Lights on or lights off?

“Dim lights.”

When did you lose your innocence?

“Late teens?”

To a younger woman, older woman or woman your age?

“Woman my age.”

Three women you think have nice bodies?

“Alicia Vikander, Anna Kendrick and Kate Beckinsale.”

Using only body language, how would you make a woman know that you admire her?

“Eye contact, lean in closer, then I crack a joke or make funny faces to make her laugh.”

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