What you should know about Tocoma
DIRECT LINE - Boy Abunda (The Philippine Star) - June 29, 2016 - 12:00am

Some friendships are made in heaven. They happen without deliberate design. All we have to do is cooperate.

That’s the kind of friendship I have with Latif Khabir, the president of Rana Pharmaceuticals.

We were looking for each other in this big wide world. It took a while until finally some friends got us together. Latif is always quick to the draw, very forthright. My meetings with him didn’t last beyond 30 minutes. He is very compassionate, very forgiving. I would come in late because of my crazy schedule and he would still be there, waiting patiently like a loving brother.

We talked about life, we talked about passion. And we started to talk about Tocoma.

He introduced me to this health drink that stands for TotaI Colon Management. He says it cleanses a very important part of our body — the colon. Its job is so crucial you can’t afford to ignore it. The colon gets rid of toxins in the intestines, blood and lymph systems. It keeps our body clean. It absorbs water and minerals our body needs to stay healthy, processes waste and kicks them out in the form of stools.

It sounded great. But coming from an illness that sent me to the hospital and scared me out of my wits two years ago, I was wary. Life is good and I didn’t want to go through that ordeal again.
So I sought out my close friend-doctor, Dennis Ngo and got his opinion. I trust Dennis, a gastroenterologist, with my life. If he says it’s a go, I take it. If not, I flee like a scared cheetah. I have to hold on to dear life.

Weeks after, Dennis called with some good news. After pouring a sachet of Tocoma into a glass of tap water, stirring it and taking it thrice a week, 15 minutes before meals, he told me going to the toilet to pass up stool the next morning was a joy. It took only three minutes of his busy schedule. His patients reported the same thing.

He was so happy with the results, he agreed to endorse the product, and put his photo and signature on its promo materials.

I met Latif again after my show. Ever the gentleman, he was still there waiting for me, an hour after I arrived, no thanks to my crazy schedule. And I told him I will not only endorse Tocoma. I want to be a small partner in its health advocacy. I wanna sell it, go around the country and share it with others.

I told myself, if I can help prevent colorectal cancer, which starts with an unhealthy colon, half of my many sins might be forgiven.

You see, sitting on the toilet seat for hours on end to pooh is no joke. You could have spent that time agonizing in the toilet with dear mom or your significant other. You could have laughed out loud, comforted a friend, played with your pet.

Tocoma, which comes from mixed fruits and vegetable powder, makes the daily routine of passing out stool effortless. Its lemon flavored too, so you can lick your lips and enjoy its taste after drinking it.

I met Tocoma’s inventor, Mr. Lee, recently, and I agree with him that we must take care of our innards the way we take great pains in looking good. We have to be beautiful, inside and out. Mr. Lee is an amazing man. He sounds more like an evangelist than a scientist. He went into a discourse on hostile and friendly bacteria and how they affect our digestive system.

Dr. Dennis helped me understand things better by pointing out that Tocoma is like taking 25 grams of fiber a day, or four-and-a-half heads of lettuce, seven apples, six carrots and 12 bananas. Whew, that’s a lot for just one day!

What more if you take it thrice a week, which is the recommended dosage?

Still, prevention is better than cure. Eat your vegetables. Exercise regularly. Stay away from smoking and alcohol. In other words, maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This is still the best way to good health, and when in doubt, run to your doctor!

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