A flashback quiz on 2015 movies
Joy Jonette Chuyaco (The Philippine Star) - January 22, 2016 - 9:00am

MANILA, Philippines – Time really flies so fast. One day you’re celebrating for the new year. Soon, another new year is starting, the Year of the Monkey (Feb. 8). See how much you remember the movies of 2015.

James Bond came back to bring us another action-packed movie filled with class, beautiful women and extravagant cars. This time, he is up against a group called __________.

a.Blofeld       b. SPECTRE    

c. RED         d. Genisys

This is the much awaited third sequel of this book-turned-movie film about a society that is corrupted by power, wherein the young ones of the lower class are sent to a game of death.

a. Insurgent  

b. The Maze Runner

c. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2  d. Running Man

These guys just can’t stop running. Right from the first movie up to this sequel, they’re just on the go all the time--well, they have to be. No more maze this time though.

a. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials 

b. Amazing Race      

c. The Marathon        d. Track

The force came back and fans just can’t help but be excited. It’s is such a wonder that even after so many years, this film never loses its power. May the force be with you.

 a. SPECTRE                       

b. The Fantastic Four   

c. Star Wars: The Force Awakens    

d. The Avengers

Who would ever thought that these little yellow guys would have their own film debut. They are a bit weird though but who cares, they are cute anyway.

a. Minions     b. The Simpsons

c. Snoopy     d. Gremlins

In the movie “Dragon Blade”, who was the Asian lead actor?

a. Chow Yun Fat        b.Jet Li

c. Jacky Chan              d. Vanness Wu

Welcome to the most amazing theme park where giant creatures from million years ago come alive. But wait, something is wrong, some control issues.

a. Jurassic World     

b. The Good Dinosaur          

c. The Little Prince    

d. Krampus

In one look, he seems to be the perfect guy anybody would dream of; but behind all these qualities there is a secret he keeps--could be a bit shady.

a.Mark Grey  b. Billy Grey     

c. Christian Grey    d. Alex Grey

Our Marvel heroes came back in 2015 to save the world; however this time, they are faced with something so powerful that it almost took over them.

a. The Fantastic Four

b. Avengers: Age of Ultron   

c. Captain America    d. Thor 

Finally, our favorite classic fairy tale turns into a movie. It’s about a sweet girl, her dreams and her lost glass slipper.

a.Beauty and the Beast              

b. Snow White     c. Cinderella            

d. Little Red Riding Hood

Somewhere in the distant future where basic needs are almost scarce, people are at war and fighting for  survival. A group of people unites to fight against a powerful figure.

a.Dragon Blade    b. South Paw        

c. Max     d. Mad Max: Fury Road

In the movie Terminator: Genisys, who was the T-800 machine (role reprised by Arnold S.) trying to protect this time?

a. John Connor     b. Mercury Man

c. Sarah Connor    d. Jen Connor

In 2015, what’s the full title of the Mission:Impossible movie that was released?

a. Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol          

b. Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation

c.Mission:Impossible Ethan Hunt

d. None of the above

This year, Marvel, again, introduced us to one of its many superheroes. (clue: it’s all about the suit)

a.Thor           b. Spider Man  

c. Ant Man    d. Suit Man

In the movie “San Andreas”, a rescuer tries to save his _______, who was trapped somewhere in one of the collapsed buildings.

a.daughter    b. wife 

c. colleague  d. son  

In the animation film “Inside Out”, what are the five emotions that controls Riley?

a. joy, fear, anger, disgust, sadness

b. joy, fear, love, hate, anger

c. happiness, cleanliness, love, joy, hate       

d. hunger, anger, greed, love, joy

Dominic and his group are back in action again because someone from the past reappears and is seeking  revenge.

a. In the Heart of the Sea      

b. Secret in their Eyes                      

c. Furious 7   d. Magnificent 7  

Who are these two best buddies who just can’t seem to have enough of each other. They are sticking together no matter what.

a. Batman and Robin  

b. John and Ted       

c. Ted and Teddy

d. Betty and Veronica

This film has dinosaurs and humans in it but this one shows the touching friendship of a boy and a dinosaur.

a. Jurassic World     

b. Land Before Time 

c. The Good Dinosaur                d. Ted

If one think that it’s okay to hate Christmas, then think again. You’ll never know who will come down from that Chimney. “You better watch out…”

a. Krampus   b. Home Alone 

c. Deck the Halls    d. A Christmas Horror Story



Test Results:

   1-5 points.  You are probably so over 2015 that you have already forgotten the films that you’ve seen

6-10 points.  Give it a time, you may remember them soon or maybe you need to watch some of the 2015 movies again.

11-15 points  You did enjoy 2015 and you only keep memories of those that made an impression.

16-20 points.  A Champion! Obviously, you are up to date with movies and trivia. Good for you! Now, 2016 awaits. a  16.) a  17.) c  18.) b  19.) c  20.) a


Answer Key:

1.) b  2.) c  3.) a  4.) c  5.) a  6.) c  7.) a  8.) c  9.) b  10.) c  11.) d  12.) c  13.) b 14.) c  15.)




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