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I recently saw this touching anti-drunk driving public service announcement about a man, his dog and a six pack of beers and somehow it got me thinking about our long and complicated love affair with alcohol. From the dawn of civilization and across all nations, the consumption of a vast variety of alcoholic drinks as a way of celebrating life is deeply ingrained in our culture.

Historically, there is evidence that the intentional preparation of “fermented drinks” came as early as 10,000 years ago, and an argument can even be made that beer became a staple of man’s diet before bread. For many of our ancestors, the preparation and consumption of alcohol was such a significant part of their communal lives that it was often limited to only the important members of society.

But more than just serving the pleasure of kings and shamans, the drinking of alcohol was also a favorite among everyone else in the realm. It was seen as tonic for any number of ills and ailments, a thirst quencher, a pick-me-upper and just something that enhances our overall quality of life.

And as time went by and drinking became more and more common among the masses, the variety of offerings also grew. Where at first the making was a closely-guarded secret held only by the most expert craftsmen, now anyone with a homemade brewing machine still could produce gallons upon gallons of bootleg whatever and so of course, quality became an issue.

In the making of alcohol, quality is met by the selection of the finest ingredients. No compromises can be made or the product — which can take as long as two to three decades to prepare, would just be wasted.

Take Cognac, for example. This drink, which takes its name after the region where it is made in France, undergoes some of the strictest standards in order to maintain its superior quality.

According to representatives of Rémy Martin, one of the oldest makers of Fine Champagne Cognac, “Since 1724, the House of Rémy Martin exclusively produces (its) Fine Champagne cognacs with grapes from the two most sought-after, growing areas in the Cognac region, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne.”

Further elaborating on this distinction, they add that “Fine Champagne eaux-de-vies have the greatest aging potential and ensures (that) Rémy Martin cognacs have a truly unique aromatic intensity and full-rounded flavors.”

It is this single-minded devotion to quality that has driven them to add another superior product into the market, the Rémy Martin CLUB, which they launched during an appreciation dinner for VIPs at the ultra-exclusive Genting Club, Resorts World Manila. Among the prominent attendees were James DuVivier, CEO of Future Trade International; Noel Sebastian, managing director, and Patricia May Siy, corporate planning officer of Resorts World Manila. Rémy Martin CLUB is a great expression of Rémy Martin’s quest for perfection. This has earned Rémy Martin the prestigious recognition of being a Fine Champagne Cognac by the Appelation d’ Origine Controlee, the official governing body for fine spirits of France.

“Applying centuries of wine-growing and cognac making know-how, Rémy Martin CLUB will surely delight Filipino cognac lovers. This intense and complex cognac is ideal for bold men who want to make a statement,” said Joey Pineda, Philippine commercial manager of Remy Cointreau International.

But the drinking of a truly superior cognac, or any alcoholic drink for that matter, is just part of the equation. The experience is greatly enhanced by the quality of the people we drink with. Which is perhaps why my friend and ultimate party meister Tim Yap was chosen by Casa Noble Tequila as the new brand ambassador. According to Tim, “There are four vital elements that make for an outstanding party…you have to have an exciting venue, a good mix of people, the latest and the hottest party music and the best spirits. I’m a tequila person myself so it’s a no brainer why I’m doing this! But seriously, if you really want to party well from dusk to dawn, (Casa Noble) ultra premium is the only way to go.”

For his part, Edwin Francis Ong, president of Global Noble International Corporation, the exclusive Philippine distributor has expressed the Casa Noble’s keen appreciation for this partnership with Tim. “We are proud and honored to have Tim Yap as Casa Noble’s brand ambassador. Tim really knows his tequila and fully appreciates the tradition, the heritage and passion for quality that the brand stands for. It goes without saying Tim really knows how to party and Casa Noble is his choice of tequila.”

So there, whether you drink from a wine glass or a mug, say cheers or kanpai, from the grapevine to your lips, this one’s for you.










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