Minds manipulated in Discovery Channel’s ‘The Mind Control Freaks’
Rosalinda L. Orosa (The Philippine Star) - August 30, 2014 - 6:24pm

MANILA, Philippines- Prepare to be dazed and amazed by Discovery Channel’s brand new original series, “The Mind Control Freaks.”

The 10-part series introduces four new experts to Discovery Channel as they expose the inner workings of the most familiar, beguiling and interesting topic in the world: our minds.

A man forgets his fiancée; strangers give away their car keys; a 230-pound boxer becomes unable to crush a polystyrene cup – see it to believe it on The Mind Control Freaks, premiering on Discovery Channel on Wednesday, September 10 at 8 p.m.

“The Mind Control Freaks” demonstrates how vulnerable we can all be to those who know how to manipulate us – no matter how strong-minded we believe we are. Employing a range of psychological techniques from hypnosis to peer pressure, conformity and obedience to authority – the show’s experts reveal that few of us are ever completely in control. Most of us are susceptible to some form of mind control and trickery and all of us have the power to learn how to influence others – and even become control freaks ourselves.

Featuring Liv Boeree, a world-class poker player with a degree in physics and plenty of feminine charm; Lewis Le Val, an expert in hypnosis and mentalism; Pete Wardell, considered one of the world’s finest sleight of hand experts and close-up magicians; and Alexis Conran as maestro of manipulation.

The show uses clever psychological tricks and brilliant mind manipulation on unsuspecting members of the public to get them to do things they never thought they could or would. What’s more, these unsuspecting individuals have no idea that their actions are under someone else’s control. 

How is the power of suggestion able to render a strong man as weak as a kitten? Is pain simply all in the mind? Can the heat from eating super-hot chillies be blocked out from the mind? How does possessing a supposed lucky charm instill confidence in one’s ability to be on a winning streak?

Unravel the inner workings of the mind in “The Mind Control Freaks,” which encores every Thursday at 1 p.m., Saturday at 4 p.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m.

Here are some of the episodes to watch out for:

Garage Robbery
Pete and Alex stage a robbery and convince witnesses the wrong man carried out the crime. Lewis wins a bet that people can’t remember their PIN numbers and Liv proves how easy it is to miss something that is staring you right in the face.

Strength of Character
Liv and Lewis use the power of suggestion to render a strong man as weak as a kitten. Passers-by pepper spray a stranger on the street and Alex freaks out shoppers by selling clothes from the recently deceased.

Over My Dead Body
Pete and Alex test the comfort levels of unsuspecting workers when they have to work alongside a dead body. Lewis twists a man’s mind so he thinks Liv is his girlfriend – just in time for his real sweetheart to show up and confront him about her new rival.

Alex plays the great pretender in New York by posing as a stylist for the stars, and giving girls ridiculous makeovers they end up loving. Liv goes on a series of blind dates and hoodwinks some hapless Romeos by swapping with another girl during dinner, without the men even noticing.

Lucky Man
Alex explores people’s faith in luck. Through a series of rigged tests he identifies one person he thinks he can convince is in possession of a lucky charm that means he just can’t lose. After the subject experiences an incredible winning streak, will his belief in luck be strong enough to result in his risking a life-threatening injury?

Doctor Doctor
Lewis demonstrates that pain is all in the mind by allowing women to block out the heat from eating some super-hot chilies. Alex distributes a Wanted poster with his own face on it – but will busy Londoners even notice? Finally, Doctor Alex and Patient Pete spectacularly break the Hippocratic Oath when they demonstrate the power of the white lab coat.

Car Park
Lewis creates a Voodoo Doll and an unwitting subject ends up in pain. Alex persuades New Yorkers to hand over their car keys to him solely because he’s wearing a high visibility jacket. Pete’s on the streets of London showing the public that trusting faith over reason can prove costly.

Lewis and Liv hypnotise some job hunters so they can only tell the truth – then interview them for the job. Pete tests out the Bystander Effect by pretending to hide himself, a puppy and a baby in the trunk of a car. Alex uses DNA testing to reveal to New Yorkers what their personalities are like – but actually gives them all the same spiel.

Fiancée Phone Call
Lewis uses the power of suggestion to help people solve their first Rubik’s cube. Alex fools people into thinking they can smell his new perfume – even though it’s just plain water, and Liv convinces a stranger to lie to her boss. 

Shock Treatment
Alex uses undercover stooges and some wickedly clever manipulation to persuade an unwitting contributor their moral compass has been removed by subliminal messaging. They then go on to explore how people behave when they believe they have no responsibility for their actions because they’re no longer in control of them.

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