Sexy Ride Out with the Boys
FUNFARE - Ricky Lo (The Philippine Star) - August 29, 2014 - 12:00am

Watch out! Sam YG (as in Youngest Guy), Slick Rick and Tony Toni are taking their antics from radio to TV, as they host a unique talk show that literally goes places!

Boys Ride Out is a riotous and interesting one-hour weekly talk show held inside a roving aquarium van-studio. The Boys pick up their guests at home, and as they go around the metro, they use their charm, wit and boys-next-door good looks to bring out the personal and not-so-well-known side of their guests. Assisting the Boys is guitarist RJ who provides live jamming music as they try to get to know their guests outside of their public personas.

The segments to keep you glued to your TV set: Passenger Seat & VIP in which they engage their special guests; Hangouts in which they share their discoveries of places to hang out in the metro; Pitstop in which they make a stopover at particular places; Street Talks in which they talk about their experiences when they’re out and about; and Playlist in which they share their favorite music, acts and artists.

The metro is their studio. The Boys will be on the prowl for their next hot-seat “victim” and it could be you!

Boys Ride Out premieres tomorrow night (Aug. 30) starting at 9 o’clock, on 9TV.

9TV is seen on free TV RPN 9, Cebu RPN 9, Davao RPN 9, Zamboanga RPN 5, Baguio RPN 12, and Bacolod RPN 8. It is also seen in over 160 cable operators nationwide, including Skycable Ch. 14 (Manila), Skycable Ch. 6 (Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, and Baguio), Destiny Ch. 14, Cignal Ch. 10 and Cablelink Ch. 14. Website:; Facebook: facebook/9newsph; Twitter: twitter@9newsph

• What is sexy to you?

Sam YG: For me, there is nothing sexier than confidence and a woman who knows what she wants.

Slick Rick: Confidence is sexy.

Tony Toni: Sexy to me is someone who is passionate about her career and is very confident and witty, and even more so if she can stimulate my mind with conversations.

• When do you feel sexy?

Sam YG: When I’m in the jungle because the animals are there, too. 

Slick Rick: When I work out; I feel much better.

Tony Toni: Sexy is a state of mind.

• What part of your body do you find sexiest?

Sam YG: My nose. It has many uses. 

Slick Rick: My legs and my arms.

Tony Toni: My smile and my dimples because only a few have them.

• What part of a woman’s body do you find sexiest?

Sam YG: Her eyes and lips. They could speak a thousand words in silence. 

Slick Rick: Her eyes and her mouth.

Tony Toni: Personally, I find a woman who can carry a conversation with me sexy. But I love legs and a firm ass.

• When did you lose your innocence?

Sam YG: I’m still innocent. My parents told me to focus on my studies.

Slick Rick: When I was 15.

Tony Toni: The day I was born.

• To an older woman, younger woman or woman your age?

Sam YG: Age is just a number but 5-6 is a business.

Slick Rick: Older woman. 

Tony Toni: Older woman. I was a minor.

• Lights on or lights off?

Sam YG: Dim lights.

Slick Rick: Lights on.

Tony Toni: Very dim lights, preferably by candles.

• Sexiest book(s)?

Sam YG: Kamasutra. 

Tony Toni: The Art of Seduction and Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm.

• Sexiest movie?

Sam YG: Friends With Benefits.

Tony Toni: Scorpio Nights 1 and 2, an old film starring Bo Derek called Bolero, Closer and Friends with Benefits.

• Sexiest musical instrument?

Sam YG: Violin. 

Slick Rick: Sax.

Tony Toni: Saxophone.

• Sexiest TV show?

Sam YG: Friends.

Slick Rick: Suits.

Tony Toni: Sex and the City and Game of Thrones.

• Sexiest radio program?

Sam YG: Secret.

Slick Rick: Boys Night Out, hahahaha!

Tony Toni: Boys Night Out.

• Sexiest food?

Sam YG: Banana.

Slick Rick: Adobo and fried chicken.

Tony Toni: Fresh oysters.

• Sexiest drink?

Sam YG: Martini.

Slick Rick: Single malt scotch.

Tony Toni: Body shot and tequila.

• Sexiest car?

Sam YG: Porsche 911. 

Slick Rick: Porsche 911.

Tony Toni: Bugatti.

• Sexiest perfume?

Sam YG: Bvlgari. 

Slick Rick: Armani Black.

Tony Toni: Polo Sport.

• Sexiest part of the house?

Sam YG: Kitchen. 

Slick Rick: Bedroom.

Tony Toni: My bedroom.

• Sexiest animal?

Sam YG: Tiger. 

Slick Rick: Tiger.

Tony Toni: Turtle, only because I have one.

• Sexiest billboard?

Sam YG: Folded & Hung and the one with Angel Locsin.

Slick Rick: Anything Anne Curtis or Jasmine Curtis-Smith is on.

Tony Toni: Anything with Solenn Heussaff.

• Sexiest thing you’ve done on air?

Sam YG: Role-played.

Slick Rick: Sweet talk a girl.

Tony Toni: S.O.P.

• Sexiest thing you have ever done to yourself?

Sam YG: Ran a marathon through a storm.

Slick Rick: Lose weight and get fit.

Tony Toni: Probably started working out and got a nutritionist. 

• Sexiest thing you have ever done to or with a woman?

Sam YG: Better left unsaid, hihihi!

Slick Rick: Hold her close to me and whisper in her ear.

Tony Toni: Went against my parents and fought for love! Also, when I was young, wild and stupid, two women asked me if they could watch me do the deed!...and took someone on a surprise trip to Amanpulo.  

• Sexiest fantasy?

Sam YG: I wanna be an MMDA guy giving a ticket to a hot girlaloo for color coding.

Slick Rick: Strangers at a bar.

Tony Toni: All guys want to be with two women? Or sexy time on a plane. 

• Sexiest clothes?

Sam YG: Something that leaves you imagining or wanting to see more.? 

Slick Rick: Anything she wears.

Tony Toni: Wearing my boxer briefs.

• Three women that you find sexy?

Sam YG: Solenn Heussaff, Kate Upton and Olivia Munn.

Slick Rick: Anne Curtis, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Ging (my wife).

Tony Toni: Maria Sharapova, Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman.

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