Anthony & David Semerad Twin Picks
CONVERSATIONS - Ricky Lo (The Philippine Star) - March 2, 2014 - 12:00am

They order the same food (Daing na Bangus with tomato and fried rice, downed with Dalandan Juice) at Dayrit Restaurant (off Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City) where we had this Conversation.

Looking at Semerad brothers Anthony and David eating a late lunch, you found it hard telling who is who. Same almost everything: Height 6’5”, weight more than 215 lbs., size-15 shoes and, of course, same birthday, April 25, 1991 (Taurus), born to a pure-Czech father and pure-Filipina mother and raised in Australia.

“I am five minutes older,” David offered a clue, as if it made any difference.

They both play for the Red Lions team of San Beda College where they are both Business Marketing & Communication seniors, attending the same class. Don’t their teachers and classmates get confused? “By this time,” said David, “I doubt it.” What about girls? Have they gone on a double date and, in the darkness of the moviehouse, didn’t their dates mistake one for the other? “It did happen once,” admitted Anthony, “but we alerted them before a switching could happen, hahahaha!” (David is engaged to 2011 Miss World first runner-up Gwendoline Ruais, 23, who stands 5’11”, a good match for David.)

First featured in Conversations three years ago when they were new in the Philippines, the twins managed by Arnold Vegafria’s ALV Talent Circuit) have since beautifully adjusted to Filipino lifestyle.

Starting Saturday (March 8) night on TV5, David and Anthony will co-host with Lucy Torres a weekly dance show called Celebrity Dance Battle, somewhat similar to the popular US TV show Dancing With The Stars. If they are fast and furious on the hardcourt, graceful like felines, David and Anthony will be even more so on the show. Gifted with fancy footwork, they can match the dancing prowess of Lucy who once hosted a similar show (Shall We Dance) on the same channel.

That — and more — is what this Conversation is all about.


1. Who’s your role model?

David: Karl Malone (a Utah NBA player). When I was 10, I had a seven-foot poster of Karl’s pasted on my wall. I watched all his games. I still have that poster at home in Brisbane.

Anthony: Kobe Bryant. Everyone looks up to him, di ba? The second time he came here for a basketball clinic, I watched him but I didn’t approach him. I admired him from afar.

2. Who’s more aggressive between you?

David: Ako! I’m not being mayabang but honestly speaking, if we like the same girl, more likely she would choose me.

Anthony: Siempre ako! On the hard court and anywhere else, hahahaha!

3. Who’s the person that you trust the most?

David: My dad (Roman Semerad).

Anthony: My parents. (Their mom is Evelyn David.)

4. Who’s the greatest influence in your life?

David: My dad and my mom.

Anthony: My dad.

5. Who do you run to when you have problems?

David: Still my dad and my mom.

Anthony: My parents. David and I find comfort with Dad and Mom whatever problem is bothering us, whether about work or about girls. They guide us in everything we do.


1. What’s your present state of being?

David: Sobrang masaya.

Anthony: Sobrang happy with my life — basketball, our new show!

2. What’s your most embarrassing moment?

David: I was walking around without knowing that my fly was undone. Dyahe!

Anthony: When I’m in a restaurant and I’m getting the food and I spill my drink on the dining table, while everybody is looking at me...very embarrassing!

3. What’s your type of girls?

David: Tall, long hair and slim legs…like Gwen.

Anthony: Fil-Foreign, somebody like Jasmine Curtis-Smith (who also grew up in Australia). I’ve met her; she’s my type.

4. What makes you angry?

David: Many things. For example, while driving another driver cuts me off from a far lane, turning left on a No Left Turn intersection. I try hard to keep my cool.

Anthony: I get really grumpy and get easily angry even over small things when I don’t get my six-hour-per-night sleep.

5. What do you like/don’t like about yourself?

David: My being outgoing, eagerness to connect with new people…unlike Anthony who likes to stay in his cave with his non-showbiz girl, hehehehe! (Anthony butting in, “I’m single to mingle!”) What I don’t like about myself? My nipple, hahahaha!

Anthony: I like my height. What I don’t like is that sometimes I can be shy and that’s what I’m trying hard to overcome. It takes time for me to warm up to a new acquaintance.


1. Where do you want to live?

David: I’m a city boy but I won’t mind living in the country.

Anthony: In the city.

2. Where are you most comfortable?

David: In the gym. I feel more relaxed when I’m working out.

Anthony: In my room watching TV or listening to music. Or fantasizing, hehehehe!

3. Where’s your Achilles Heel?

David: My armpit. I get easily tickled.

Anthony: I’m vulnerable to beautiful girls. Is that what you mean?

4. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

David: Definitely, in the PBA. Could be a father…depending. Having another show with Anthony, maybe a sport show or a cooking show. Yes, I’m a good cook…sinigang, adobo.

Anthony: Sitting pretty, relaxing, managing successful businesses and generally enjoying life.

5. Where do you unwind?

David: In Boracay. I love the atmosphere there, the beach, the bars.

Anthony: Just at home.


1. When are you happiest?

David: At the end of the day when I’m in bed ready to go to sleep, waking up to a fresh, brand-new day.

Anthony: When I’m doing something I love, like playing basketball, relaxing, cooking.

2. When are you most sad?

David: When I have too much work and I can’t go to the gym. I feel like I’m shrinking.

Anthony: When I’m alone at home, no friends around, bored. That’s nakaka-depressed. (They started living apart last year, David in Alabang and Anthony in Greenhills, San Juan City.)

3. When did you lose your innocence?

David: I’m still clean, hehehehe! Still innocent.

Anthony: I haven’t! No regrets, hehehehe!

4. When do you know that you are in love?

David: When you want to be with your girl all the time and you don’t want to be away from her even for a minute.

Anthony: When you fall for someone and you become selfless.

5. When did you fall in love with basketball?

David: When I was eight years old.

Anthony: When I was in Grade Three when I joined a basketball workshop.


1. How similar are you (in what way)?

David: Same looks…almost! Same height.

Anthony: Kambal in everything, in many ways.

2. How different are you from each other?

David: As I said, I’m more outgoing, more game in life.

Anthony: Not so much, although I think I am more guapo, hehehehe!

3. How do you deal with social-media bashers?

David: I don’t answer them or hit back. Ignore!

Anthony: Ignore, ignore, ignore!!!

4. How much Pinoy and how much Czech are you?

David: Half-half, but more Pinoy. We’ve been brought up the Czech and Filipino style even as we grew up on Australian culture. Parang mixed. Anthony and I were born and raised in Australia, then we lived in Europe for a year and we adapt to the European culture, and then we came to the Philippines and we adapted to the Filipino culture. When we are in Australia, we adapt to the Australian culture again.

Anthony: Since I’ve been living in the Philippines, I’m more Pinoy now.

5. How do you take care of your body?

David: I go to the gym at least five times a week. I eat healthy. Not much night life. Bawal sex before a game, you know.

Anthony: Good nutrition, eating well, sleep early, more of steamed food, fish, chicken breast, veggies, brown rice. No smoking, no alcohol.

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