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Did you know that Georgina Wilson was a fat kid? So how did the 26-year-old niece of Gloria Diaz (her sister Aurora is Georgina’s mom) manage to get her present to-die-for body? Did she go into a drastic starving diet (to the point of suffering from bulimia)?

It’s no secret. In fact, she openly talks about her chubby days a lot. “You just have to get out of the mentality of feeling sorry for yourself and for your body,” Georgina said in a recent interview for the Women’s Health magazine. “I’ve felt like that, so I know it’s human nature to feel that. But it’s also the determination of will that helps you in several aspects of life. If you can put your mind to working out and changing your body, you can achieve a lot of other things in life.”

No bulimia, thank heavens!

When Georgina posed like what Angelina Jolie did at the Oscars (one leg peeping out of her long gown) as co-host of the Bb. Pilipinas pageant early this year, I knew that she would be taken in as a calendar girl. True enough, Ginebra San Miguel has enlisted her as the “It Girl” of its 2013 calendar which should be available by this time in Mini Stop and 7 Eleven outlets.

GSMI has various products: Ginebra San Miguel, Ginebra San Miguel Melon and Dalandan flavors, GSM Blue/Light, GSM Blue Flavors (Brown Coffee, Mojito, Apple, and Lychee), Gran Matador Brandy, and Gran Matador Light as well as other brands such as Antonov Vodka Classic, Antonov Vodka Schnapps, Antonov Vodka Mixed Drinks, Don Enrique Mixkila, and Mixx Cocktails Mixers.

How did you prepare for the GSM Calendar shoot?

“The calendar shoot was one of the most important projects of mine, which I had to do a lot of physical preparations for. I worked out every single day for about 45 days. I did a mixture of Core Kinesis, Yoga (different kinds), pilates, running, plyometrics, boxing and forma. I didn’t want my body to get used to any workout so I kept mixing everything up. I also regularly went to Sexy Solutions (a clinic of The Belo Medical Group) to help me melt the fat. I was very involved in the creative process of the shoot too to make sure that it was reflective of my personal aesthetics and image.” 

An Aquarian (Feb. 12, 1986), Georgina stands 5’10”; wears small-size shirt, small-size underwear and size-41 shoes; and…“Weight? It’s a secret that I will take to my grave, LOL!” Vital statistics: 34-25-36.

How does it feel to be the newest GSM Calendar Girl?

“I was ecstatic when I found out and it was a huge honor. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make the project perfect because it meant so much to me.” 

Any beauty regimen of your own?

“I make sure to take off all my make-up at night, wash and moisturize with my favorite Garnier products and I get facials regularly at Belo.” 

What kind of diet do you have?

“I occasionally go on a Calorie Counter diet from Nuiu cuisine that delivers to my house pre-packed meals so it makes it easier to stick to. When I’m not on that I try and stop myself from eating calories that aren’t worth it. I love sweets though it’s very difficult for me to say no to that.” 

What’s usually for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

“For breakfast, I have granola and yogurt if I’m being healthy and if I want to reward myself Argentina corned beef and garlic rice (yum). For lunch and dinner, I don’t have a typical meal. I like to eat out a lot.” 

What food do you always crave for, what food do you avoid?

“I crave for sweets all the time most especially ice cream. I try and avoid heavy carbohydrates at night.” 

Any snacks between meals?

“I usually forget to eat between meals.”

How much water do you take per day (soda, coffee, tea or energy drinks)?

“I bring around a flask so I try and drink more water. I have coffee every morning but caffeine hardly has any effect on me now.” 

What vitamins do you take?

“I take Vitamin C once in a while.”

What part of your body needs improvement?

“I want my whole body to be more toned.” 

What part of your body is most vulnerable?

“Because I used to be a fat kid I feel my tummy is the most vulnerable area. I work extra hard to keep it flat and especially hard when I know I have to pose in swimwear.” 

What part of your body is your favorite?

“I have always loved my legs.”

What part of a man’s body do you notice first?

“I usually notice his height first because I’m conscious about being taller than men, hahahaha!”

What else in a man turns you on?

“Intelligence and a sense of humor. A love for music is also very important.”

And what’s in a man that turns you off?

“Bad breath and ignorance.”

How’s your love life?

“Happy and stable.”

Do you have a night life?

“I really prefer to stay home when I can but once in a while it can be fun to go out with friends.”

How much sleep do you get per night?

“I feel it’s important to get eight hours of sleep per night. I find it hard to function without it.” 

How many pillows do you sleep with?

“I like to have many pillows around especially a long one to hug.” 

Last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

“Moisturize my face.” 

First thing that you do when you wake up?

“Check my Blackberry.”

How do you unwind, cope with stress?

“I enjoy yoga and rewarding myself with food.”

How do you take care of your skin?

“I am very passionate about skin care and together with Garnier we have done many school and mall tours to talk to men and women about skin care. At the very minimum I wash and moisturize my face.” 

Favorite city?

“London. It always has been…maybe it’s the half-British side of me. Paris is a very, very close second.” 

Favorite hideaway?

“My apartment.”  

How long does it take you to fix yourself?

“I like to take my time, about an hour for an event. On a normal day, I don’t wear make-up I let my skin rest.” 

Are you vain like most beautiful women?

“I care about how I look…so I might have to answer yes.” 

Name three men that you think have nice bodies.

“Besides Borgy (Manotoc), I think  Piolo Pascual, David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds.”

And three women that you think have nice bodies.

“I can name four — Isabelle Daza, Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff and Liz Uy.” 

Using only body language, how would you make a man know that you admire him?

“I would give flirty glances, hahahaha! How embarrassing to admit.”  

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