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Today as in any other day, Kean Cipriano, vocalist of the seven-year-old band Callalily and now an actor (with Alex Gonzaga in the just-concluded BFGF and with Empoy in Magic? Gimik!, both on the TV5 Kapatid Network) shows up for this Body Talk with tousled hair.

“Five years na akong hindi nakakakilala ng suklay,” says Kean who orders a glass of hot kalamansi juice. “It’s like that when I go to bed and it’s like that when I wake up. They say, magulong buhok, magulong buhay. But I don’t think it applies to me.”

He’s very organized, especially with his schedule that includes a visit to the barber once every three months.

His body is covered with tattoos: A callalily on his right arm; the names (in Roman) of his parents, two younger brothers and an aunt on the left arm; two on his upper back and lower back; and a new one (in a strange language) that means “Gratitude.”

“Tattooing gives me a euphoric feeling,” admits Kean who idolizes Robin Padilla whose body is full of tattoos (according to an unconfirmed rumor, even his private part).

The name Kean Cipriano became fodder for the gossip showbiz mill a few years back when he got involved with Danita Paner who disappeared from home for almost two years, the time Kean said that the two of them went steady.

“I’m happy that Danita and I are both Kapatid,” says Kean. “We have shared good times. Tumawa kami together at umiyak din kami together. Now, we are just friends.”

Does he have a girlfriend now?

None, he answers. The thing with Alex Gonzaga lasted only for as long as they were together on BFGF where they became “very close,” but once the show folded up, they were advised by Kapatid execs to “stop being close.” That’s showbiz!

Up to now, Kean isn’t totally comfortable as an actor but he’s getting there, even if, when recognized in public, he acknowledges people’s greetings all right but his “being an actor,” he says, “hasn’t sunk in yet.” He’s used to being known as the vocalist of Callalily (a name he and his co-members, then four and now only three, got from the name of a bread at a bakery in Pateros, Rizal, when they joined the Battle of the Bands in 2003).

After one year in the College of Commerce at UST, Kean shifted to the Conservatory of Music and, after only one semester, moved to another school, Thames, where he studied for two years.

A Gemini (June 11, 1987), Kean stands 5’6”; weighs 130 lbs. (from 170); and wears small-sized shirt and briefs, and size-8.5 shoes. 2011 is his year. He’s a Rabbit.

How do you deal with the erratic showbiz schedule?

“It helps that I started with the band. Our gigs kasi would last until the wee hours. Often, we’d wake up early to guest in a morning show. My body clock has adjusted to that kind of schedule. Now, it’s the road manager who sets the schedule and all I do is follow it to the letter.”

Do you manage to take three square meals a day?

“Actually, I eat three times a day, pero small meals lang. I purposely avoided oily foods so I would lose weight. I feel light. It’s great!”

What’s usually for breakfast?

“The regular breakfast? Sinangag with egg and hotdog or bacon, or oatmeal and cereals, plus native chocolate. But my favorite is tuyo with tomato and vinegar.”

For lunch?

“Usually, chicken-breast (without skin) sandwich (wheat bread).”


“Sandwich lang.”

Snacks between meals?

“Tuna or banana (the long one).”

Do you have a sweet tooth?

“I used to. Tinanggal ko na. Sweets are fattening.”

What vitamins do you take?

“None, although my mom keeps nagging me to take some. She gives me lots of vitamins but I fail to take them. What I want is fresh kalamansi juice.”

Are you spoiled, a Mama’s Boy?

“Neither! But my mom is my No. 1 fan.”

A Papa’s Boy?

“Neither. My dad is my drinking buddy.”

How much water do you take per day?

“I don’t know, but not much.”

Food that you crave for all the time (aside from tuyo)?

“’Yung pusit na iniihaw sa sementeryo. Sarap!”

Favorite fruit?




How much sleep do you get per night?

“I know that iba ang tulog sa gabi sa tulog sa araw… But I usually sleep at 3 a.m. and wake up at 11 a.m.”

Favorite sleepwear?

“Boxers and sando.”

Never in the nude?

“I used to when I was younger. It’s comfortable.”

Do you snore?

“I don’t know. But my brother said that I do, especially when I’m dead tired.”

Do you talk in your sleep?

“Yes, I do, lalo na n’ung bata pa ako. My auntie said that she would wait for me to talk and talk in my sleep and when I mentioned numbers, ‘yon ang tinatayaan n’ya.”

Do you sleepwalk?

“No, I don’t. Mabuti na lang!”

 What’s the last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

“I drink water.”

And the first thing that you do when you wake up?

“Check my celfone, which I put in ‘silent’ mode at bedtime, and see what time it is. Then I pray.”

What workout do you do?

“I jog around our place in Pasig or in Ortigas Center with my friends. I work out in the gym if there’s spare time, not to build muscles but for conditioning.”

What part of your body is most vulnerable?

“My eyes. When I see something na magulo, my eyes hurt so I close them.”

Part that needs improvement?

“Every part. Yes, my height — kung ma-i-improve ‘yon.”

Favorite part of your body?

“My fingers.”

And what part of a girl’s body is your favorite?

“Her armpits. I have a fetish for kili-kili na maputi. I like girls who lead a respectful life.

And what kind of girls turns you off?

 “Those who talk ill of other people. Ayoko ng negative vibes; gusto ko parating positive.”

How’s your love life?

“None. But I’m happy…and waiting.”

How many girlfriends have you had so far?

“Next question, please!”

Do you do drugs?

“Drugs are bad and we know that. There’s a misconception na kapag member ng banda, drug addict. Not true! I take drugs (prescription) only when I’m sick. People think that I’m an addict especially when I’m performing. They say, ‘Kapag nag-perform ‘yan, mukha s’yang baliw!’ What they don’t know is that sabog ako kapag sumampa na ako sa stage, sabog hindi sa drugs kundi sa music. Hindi na dapat pairalin ‘yung ‘sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll.’ That was in the past. Now, it should be all about music.”

How’s your nightlife?

“I don’t go out that much. I’m not a partygoer or a bar-hopper.”

Sex life?

“For me, sex is an art…art with passion. A craft, something you should respect, something that makes you smile.”

How do you cope with stress?

“I sleep. I listen to music. I have what I call kabaliwan. Our kind of work is exhausting, talagang nakakabaliw. So I would tell my friends, ‘Tara, magtanggal tayo ng kabaliwan,‘ and we’d go to a place where we are comfortable and just relax, and think of happy thoughts.”

Favorite hideaway?

“Baguio. I’ve been to Dakak (Zamboanga) once and I’d love to go back.”

Favorite city?

“San Francisco. I haven’t been there pero favorite ko ‘yon. One day when I become rich, I will visit San Francisco.”

Are you vain?

“Not really, although I check myself in the mirror from time to time to check kung may pagbabago sa katawan ko. For one thing, I don’t want to be fat anymore.”

How long does it take you to fix yourself?

“Fast! Here’s my morning ritual: As soon as I wake up, I drink another glass of water. I turn on the TV set, then go to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I take a bath. I dry myself up with a towel and clean my ears with cotton balls. I don’t fix my hair at all.”

Outlook in life?

“I worry in a positive way. I see life as a movie with me as the writer, the director, the actor, the utility man and the cameraman. Mayroong beginning, middle, conflict, climax at ending.”

Pet peeves?

“I don’t like birds. My father used to have pet geese when I was a kid. I was shooing them away when they ran after me. It was traumatic. So I eat birds as a form of revenge.”

Name three women you think have nice bodies.

“Solenn Heussaff. Georgina Wilson. Anne Curtis.”

And three men…

“Derek Ramsay. Jared Leto. Brandon Boyd (of Incubus).”

Using only body language, how would you make a girl know that you admire her?

“My eyes do the talking.”

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