Those fateful days in 2/86

THEN & NOW - Norma Japitana -

THEN: Flashback to what the stars portend for Imelda Marcos.

Written in April 2, 1986, 24 years ago.

On the last week of January this year or a week before the snap elections, I was at the Office of Reli German at the Aquino campaign headquarters with two other writers. Reli gave me Progressions 1986 for Mrs. Imelda Marcos done by Astrologer J278A. I have to refer to that period because the time element is important in stressing the fact that I had the Progression on Mrs. Marcos long before the revolution happened.

 It was interesting reading at that time and twice I thought of giving it to editor Maritz who is more an expert on these matters. But at that time, it seemed farthest from reality since the Marcoses appeared so invincible, I held back. Another reason why I held back is the fact that Reli refused to release the name of the astrologer, saying that he or she would rather be known as J178A.

Anyway, here are portions of Progression 1986, first the general trends and later the readings for specific weeks or days.

“Mrs. Marcos has willpower and organizing talent. The power to concentrate upon a particular aim or objective, energy, ambition — but prone to exaggerate, to premature action and also immoderation. The desire to attain success in life at all cost, making unusual contacts or acquaintances, with opportunities for making new beginnings and entering new phases of experience.

“For Feb. 8 to 10: An inclination to exaggerate, a tendency to hastiness or premature action. A tendency to have a self-righteous attitude, that ‘might is right’ which when expressed too far destroys justice. Financial losses due to extravagance. Over-optimism and ill-advised speculation. Adverse legal decisions.

Feb. 10 to 28: Inhibition in mental development, the inclination to be a pessimist. Compelled by circumstances to lead a simple life. Suppression through others; separation. There is danger of a fall from power, sometimes due to over-ambition, lack of expansiveness due to lack of sympathy with those around her.

New beginnings and entering new phases of experience. She has this aspect the whole month of January, February and March.

According to Astrologer J. the unconscious motivation of an individual, his thinking and behavior and his reaction to the behavior of others, is because he is an embodiment of a life pattern which is inherent in an ecliptical relationship at his birth whether he is aware of it or not.

Mrs. Marcos Progressions for March 1 to 15: Lack of vitality, depression, separation. Chronic health problems, exasperating frustrations led to pessimistic outlook.

March 16 to 31: An uncovering of responses of all kind — physical, economic, emotional, mental, spiritual. New beginnings — new phases of experience — if not well-balanced may produce crises in her affairs that will cause her a complete readjustment of character. This is in relation to the striving for attainment of power, ambition, authority.

April 1 to 19: Ill health. The principles of inhibition, karma, separation, fall from power, suppression.

Marital partnership problems. General unpopularity. The frustration it causes results in angry scenes and paranoia. There is the feeling of the need to fight to gain their end. Quarrels, conflicts, disputes.

Violence. Failures caused by two heavy burdens made upon himself and upon others. Overstrain, strained relationships with other persons or in relation to partnership — business or marriage.

A check of former President Marcos’ Progression for 1986 says that in February there will be a setback due to wrong ideas brought about by some form of mass suggestion or arising from some inner compulsion. Intellectual compulsion. Health difficulties. Liver trouble. Danger of diminished prestige as a result of faulty judgment or inability to attract support of people. Government in chaos.

Marcos also has danger of failure of plans. Forced resignation due to pressure or circumstances. New form of government and political concept will be brought into being out of necessity.

Looking at these readings now, it seems that all the while it was all there in the stars. There is something in the divine heavens that really dictates the destiny of ordinary mortals and even those not so ordinary ones.

NOW: April 20, 2010.

People Power in February 2006 ended the rule of President Marcos over the Philippine islands. Even the special friendship with the Reagans was not able to help. Remember Senator Richard Lugar telling then President Marcos “to cut and cut clean”? The Marcos family was brought to Hawaii where we saw images of them on television with their special possessions. Mrs. Marcos’ jewelry were held at the airport. Here in Manila, people from the streets ransacked the palace and among other things they discovered were Mrs. Marcos’ more than 300 pairs of shoes.












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