Can Calayan really sing?

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Dr. Manny Calayan, beauty surgeon to the stars, has a new album titled, Calayan Duets With The Icons under Bellhaus Entertainment. Dr. Manny sings with Pilita Corrales, Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, as well as with Jed Madela, Faith Cuneta, Brennan Espartinez and Jay-R. Dr. Manny was a finalist on GMA 7’s Celebrity Duets. In the album, he also sings with his daughters Bernice and Andrea. He loves to sing and if he did not become a successful doctor, he would have been a singer. Dr. Manny is enjoying success as a celebrity cosmetic surgeon. Among the cuts in the album are, You’ve Got a Friend, Through the Years, In My Life, Lean on Me, That’s What Friends Are For, I’ll Be There, With A Little Help From My Friends. Read on.

If you were to compete one on one with a singer who would he be and why?

I don’t want to compete with any singer because when you compete you want to prove something. I just love to sing and I want to have a duet with Rachelle Ann Go. I like her voice and she is cool and humble.

Rate yourself as a singer in a scale of 1-10.

Tough question! I would rate myself a 5, to be safe. Hahaha!

Who are your singing idols?

Foreign: Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Barry Manilow; local: Martin Nievera, Jed Madela and all my ka-duets in my album. They are all super to the max, ang gagaling!

Who are you first: A doctor, singer, father, husband, lover?

Lover, husband, father, doctor and singer in that order.

The one song that you will not sing?

Rock songs kasi masakit sa tenga. Hahaha!

If you were to describe yourself in a song, what song would that be?

Do It or Die because I love challenges and of course we all cannot escape from trials.

If you were to dedicate a song to your enemies what would it be?

Honestly, I don’t even have a single enemy.

What other talent would you like to have aside from music and medicine and why?

Dancing, because it’s a de-stressor for me. Hope they watched me on Shall We Dance?.

In your opinion, what is the worst thing about being a celebrity doctor?

The worst is you have no privacy that is why my two daughters want to study abroad. The best is people who know me say that I am down to earth and easy to be with. 

If you were to sing You’ve Got a Friend to someone, who would that be and why?

My loving wife Dr. Pie because that’s our secret. We treat each other as best friends for life.

Through the Years... how was the journey so far?

Great but challenging, there were so many ups and downs, happiness and sadness but cest la vie! And through the years I never forget God for guidance and protection.

Who is the better singer: Andrea, Bernice or you?

Tough question hahaha! They are both really good. They inherited that talent from me naman. Joke!

You sing with your daughters Bernice and Andrea in For You I Will. What will you not do for your children?

It was very emotional for me to sing with my children. And there is nothing that I will not do for them. I spoil them to the hilt.

How are you as a friend?

I treasure my friends and I never forget them even during their times of crisis. I hate plastic people and fair weather friends.

How would you describe the local music industry?

Ok naman but I hope piracy is controlled.

If you were to sing a duet with your wife Pie, what song would that be?

In My Life and Through the Years.

What are you afraid of?

Death because I want to see the success of my children, grandchildren and maybe great grand children. I am also scared of leaving Dr. Pie when I die.

What is the question you have been asked most often?

How do I manage my time for my work, career and family? The question I hate most are the intriguing questions about our very stable marriage and happy family.

How well do you understand women?

Women were created by God to be protected, pampered and loved and never to be abused or be used in any way.

How do you pray?

Solemnly and whole-heartedly. Nobody would believe, but I never miss Sunday Mass and I go to Baclaran once a month and to Padre Pio chapel, too.

If you are Superman, who is your Superwoman?

My wife Dr. Pie. I love her so much and I will do everything just to please and make her very, very happy up to the last breath of my life.

What is the most romantic place on earth for you and why?

Milan, Italy. People are so friendly and warm like us Pinoys.

What makes you laugh?

When I watch spoofs on TV.

The song you wouldn’t sing in public?

Songs with high notes. Hahaha!

If you were to confess only one sin to God, what would it be and why?

For God to forgive me for whatever shortcomings I have and for hurting people even though they were unintentional.

Thirty years from now, where are you and what are you doing?

I guess I will be happily retired but if I can work pa naman, I’d still love to.

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