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When Jim Carrey was filming Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, he would make fun on the set by scaring off his young co-stars with his smelly mouth. "I would eat sardines and stuff before I went on the set and breathe on the kids," he said. The trick proved to be effective for both Jim and his co-stars. Lemony Snickets became a big box- office draw.

Movie stars with bad breath are surreptitiously talked about. "No one ever talks about stars with bad breath," said E! on-line columnist Anderson Jones. "Fame gives off such a powerful aura that it blinds us to the things that make these stars human." But having bad breath can never be kept a secret. A famous Hollywood dentist for example has been hounding Hugh Grant but he could not get through his tight security. The doctor wants to offer his services to Hugh. It is said that friends of Hugh gave the actor some mouthwash before he went on stage for the Academy Awards.

Sandra Bullock who co-starred with Ben Affleck in Forces of Nature complained about his not so fresh breath. And many say that the dentures Clark Gable use may have caused his bad breath. But the actor is also known for his drinking habits which is why Vivien Leigh refused to kiss him in Gone With the Wind.

Sophia Loren who is perhaps the most famous Italian actress in the world and whose work in Vittorio De Sica’s Two Women, earned many awards including the Cannes, Venice and Berlin Film Festivals’ best performance awards, plus an Oscar for Best Actress, is said to suffer from bad breath. But the actress also known for her quick wit, would tell people that "Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti," everytime she is asked about her voluptuous body. But co-actor Marlon Brando complained of Sophia Loren’s "dragon mouth" and refused to do a kissing scene with her while filming the movie, A Countess in Hongkong. Marlon mentioned this story in one of the books written about him.

There are many culprits to having bad breath. Among these are poor diet, eating disorder, smoking, drinking, etc. Oral care to movie stars is as important as the air we breathe. And the work movie stars do is a contact job that requires kissing and a lot of talking.

In a magazine that I read for example, billiard players’ pet peeves include being surrounded by people when playing the game. They get distracted when they smell a whiff of bad breath.

And did the old folks who used nga-nga (a combination of betel nut, mint leaves and some kind of a powder which many say comes from finely grounded sea shells) suffer from bad breath? I don’t think so because, none of the folks who used nga-nga complained of toothache or even went to the dentist to have their gums and teeth checked. Nga-nga they say is rejuvenating and has some properties that strengthen the teeth. It also exercises your jaw. One expert says that chewing a gum is a good form of exercise.

The mouth is central to a person’s body. And therefore dental care is of paramount importance. We are told to visit our dentist every six months. We are told to gargle and rinse our mouth with mouth wash. But in spite of all these, there are still some who are victims of bad breath.

But the good news is I discovered a solution: OraCare Mouthrinse. It is a mouthrinse without alcohol that stops strong mouth odors like morning breath. And the secret to its sting-free freshness, I found out is its breakthrough ingredient Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide. This revolutionary ingredient is an excellent bactericide, fungicide and antimicrobial agent used as an alternative ingredient to alcohol in the US. It works by oxidizing and destroying volatile sulphur compounds that cause bad breath. It is patented and proven to eliminate mouth odors in one rinse.

I first heard about OraCare from a friend celebrity who always smokes. He said that usually, it talkes two or more rinses of his previous mouthwash to get rid of cigarette stench, but with OraCare, he needs to only gargle once. He rinses longer and better now, since OraCare has no alcohol and biting mint flavor that causes unbearable stinging sensation when gargling. He also shares that OraCare works effectively not just on pungent cigarette smell but also on other strong mouth odors like morning breath and alcohol.

With the wonderful stories I’ve been hearing, I’m excited to know more about OraCare Mouthrinse.

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