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More than winning an acting award, Angel Locsin’s fondest dream is to see her 78-year-old father get back the eyesight he lost eight years ago.

"I’ll do everything to make him see again," said Angel who hasn’t lost hope even after doctors told her that the stem-cell treatment wouldn’t work in her father’s case. "I’ll never get tired trying. I’m working hard because I’m saving for my dad’s treatment."

Ali Sotto, the mom of Angel’s boyfriend Mico Sotto, donated Mico’s eyes to a girl when Mico died. Why didn’t Angel ask for Mico’s eyes for her father?

"My dad’s case is different from the girl donee who had a problem with her cornea. My father lost his eyesight due to cataract. He’s also suffering from retina detachment. Up to now, wala pa yatang possible treatment for his ailment. But I never lose hope."

Meanwhile, Angel acts as her father’s eyes, describing to him scene by scene when they’re watching her GMA teleserye Majika together. He follows the story by ear, memorizing the voices of the characters.

"My dad has a positive attitude. Even if he can’t see, he said he’s lucky that he can still feel the beauty of the world around him."

Besides Majika, Angel is also busy shooting the movie TXT (Regal Films) with boyfriend Oyo Boy Sotto and Dennis Trillo (her Majika leading man).

She’s also a Commercial Princess endorsing, among others, Smart, Timex Watch (with Piolo Pascual), Eskinol, Avon, the new San Mig Coffee commercial called Dream (also with Piolo) and Head & Shoulders for which she and Dr. Pie Calayan and Fanny Serrano comprise TEAM H&S with a mission to rid Manila of dandruff the fastest time possible.

"I use Head & Shoulders because it has been tested to remove more dandruff in just one wash versus what other shampoos do in three washes," insists Angel. "H&S products are certified by the Los Baños-based UP Biotech, a center for excellence in biotechnology and microbiology."

Angel stands 5’5", weighs 110 lbs., measures 34-25-35, and wears small-size T-shirts and size-7 shoes.

With your tight schedule, do you ever find time to relax?

"When I’m free, like today when the taping of Majika was packed up, I stay home and watch DVDs. Or catch up on sleep. It’s nice to wake up late when there’s no work."

Sleep is a luxury with you, I’m sure. How much sleep do you normally get per night?

"Two to three hours."

Doesn’t lack of sleep adversely affect your acting?

"It does – sometimes – especially when the shoot is continuous. Sometimes, I go blank and forget my lines during a ‘take.’ Otherwise, I get the script in advance and memorize my lines."

What time do you usually go to sleep and wake up?

"When I have no taping or shooting, the earliest I go to sleep is 2 a.m. I think I’m insomniac. When my call time (for out-of-town location) is 8 a.m., I wake up at 5 o’clock so I can leave the house at 5:30."

What’s the last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

"Pray. I ask God to help make my dad see again. I also thank God for all the blessings and for me not to hurt anybody, not even unknowingly."

And the first thing that you do when you wake up?

"Do some stretching to perk me up, para maibalik ang ulirat ko dahil nawiwindang ako as soon as I wake up. And then I pray."

What’s your favorite sleeping wear?

"Loose T-shirt."

Do you follow a diet?

"I don’t. I should cut down on my carb intake but I don’t. I need carb because my scenes in Majika involve a lot of fighting. Very physical. Di ka puedeng lalamya-lamya (softie-softie). But when I feel that I’m gaining weight, I don’t take too much rice; I avoid sweets and salty foods."

What’s your favorite food?

"Filipino food. Hipon, adobo, litson-kawali. But I don’t eat dinuguan. Or any fish with soup because it seems that the fish is alive and swimming. But fried or grilled fish is okay with me."

What about vegetables and fruit?

"Before, I didn’t eat vegetables. But now I’m learning how to, starting with salads. I used to take out the vegetables in sinigang and nilaga."

Oh, so you’re carnivorous.


Beef or pork?

"Any kind!"

Any favorite fruit?

"After I came back from Davao two weeks ago, favorite ko na ang marang. I tasted it in Davao and I got addicted to it. I also like grapes and apples."

How much liquid do you take every day?

"Water? I’m trying to drink more, that’s why I always carry a bottle of mineral water with me. I take more juices and coffee."

Do you have time to work out?

"None. But I’ve already enrolled in a gym."

But you’re into sports, aren’t you? You’re a swimmer, aren’t you?

"I used to compete in swimming. I want to resume diving so I can get a license. I’ve tried night-diving."

How do you condition your body?

"At home, I do some stretching in the morning. Part of my conditioning is the rehearsals for my fight scenes."

What part of your body do you think needs some improvement?

"My abs. I want them firmer. Naa-astig-an ako sa mga babaeng firm ang abs."

Have you become more conscious of protecting your eyes since your father became blind?

"Yes, I am. Once I underwent laser treatment because my vision was becoming blurred. It turned out that, according to the doctor, my left eye was being shut off by my brain dahil hindi ko na nagagamit. The grade on my left eye was 750 and on the right eye only 50. The doctor told me to have my eyes checked twice a year; he reminded me to refrain from rubbing my eyes."

What part of your body is most vulnerable?

"My head. I get a headache when I’m under stress. Sometimes, when I’m too tired, the muscles at the back of my (shin) harden (napupulikat). They said that I lack potassium and advised me to take more bananas."

What vitamins do you take?

"Centrum and vitamin C."

How do you cope with stress?

"Sometimes I get a massage."

Favorite hideaway?

"The beach. Kasi, I love to be in the water."

How often do you see your doctor?

"Very rarely. Takot ako sa duktor."

And your dentist?

"Twice a year."

What about your dermatologist?

"I call her often, especially when my pimples break out."

Do you apply anything on your skin?

"Only moisturizers. Or sunblock if I have to work outdoors."

Name three women you think have nice bodies.

"Angela Velez (before). Aubrey Miles. And Zsa Zsa Padilla who looks good even at 40-plus. Sana I’ll have the same body when I am her age."

And three men...

"Oyo Boy has a nice body. Dennis Trillo. And Wendell Ramos."

Using only body language, how would you make a guy know that you admire him?

"I blush a bit and I steal glances at him."

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