Body Talk with John Estrada

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The joke is that when Dr. Vicki Belo saw John Estrada standing, she thought that there was something terribly wrong with his posture, that it wasn’t balanced, that he was heavy "somewhere." A closer look and Dr. Vicki exclaimed, "Eureka!" It turned out – and she was correct! – that John was "overweight" in front, that’s why he bent a bit when he was standing. Something had to be done – pronto! – with his back, his butt! It had to be enhanced.

Lo and behold, barely 25 minutes after going through the Belo Medical Clinic’s (BMC) butt-enhancing procedure (done by one of the BMC’s specialists), John’s "front" and "back" were properly aligned. Now, he’s "balanced."

And you thought that John’s body was perfect. Now, it is – more or less, anyway. Well-endowed on both sides.

"Honestly," John admitted, "it’s flattering for any man to have a reputation for, you know, size – that is, especially if you’re talking about the body."

John stands 6’1", weighs 175 lbs., has a 32-inch waistline, and wears small-size (usually Bench) shirts and size 12 shoes.

Does John advise "buttless" men to undergo the same procedure?

"Why not?" he said. "It will not only make them look better, it will also enhance their self-confidence."

Was the "procedure" painful?

"I didn’t notice."

Oh, the doctor put you to sleep.

"Yeah. It lasted for not more than 25 minutes. I’m afraid of surgery, takot ako sa karayom, so I had to be put under anesthesia. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, the ‘procedure’ was done. Ganoon kabilis, ganoon kadali."

Did it take long to heal?

"Not too long. During the first few days, I just had to be careful when I sat down. Otherwise, there was no pain nor discomfort at all."

Just curious: Did you abstain from any form of intimacy while you were recuperating from the "procedure?"

"Remember, my girlfriend is not here!" (She’s you-know-who, now based in her native Toronto. – RFL)

How often do you see each other?

"Every two to three months. Either she comes for a visit or I go to Canada to visit her."

Another "curious" question (from a secret John Estrada diehard): Who’s more exciting, the wife or the girlfriend?

"I don’t have a wife anymore. I only have a girlfriend."

What other part(s) of your body do you think needs some improvement?

"None. That’s it, that’s it, that’s it!"

What sort of diet do you follow?

"Before a show like the recent one by Bench, I resort to a strict diet. I ate only fish, steamed or grilled but never fried, and vegetables."

What’s your regular diet?

"Almost the same. Actually, I eat anything but in moderation. Luckily, my metabolism is fast."

Are you vain just like most good-looking guys?

"To a certain extent, yes, I am. But if I were not an actor, maybe I wouldn’t be as vain. Let’s face it, in this business your body is one of your investments; you have to look good all the time. But if by ‘vain’ you mean looking at the mirror all the time, I’m not."

Do you take three square meals per day?

"I try to. But since I usually wake up late, I skip breakfast. Lunch na kaagad. Kahit anong ulam, kinakain ko. I eat rice but not too much."

Do you have sweet tooth?

"No, I’m not fond of sweets. I don’t even eat cake or pastries."

What vitamins and/or minerals do you take?

"If I have to be on a show (like the Bench show), I take protein supplements."

How much liquid do you take?

"At least eight glasses of water per day."

Soft drinks?

"I’m not fond of soft drinks. If ever, I drink Rhum-Coke or Scotch Soda."

What about juice(s)?

"My favorite is dalandan juice. Lemonade."

Favorite food?

"Now, noodles from Phoa (the Vietnamese restaurant)."



What sort of workout do you do?

"I don’t really work out that much. All I do is push-ups."

How often do you have massage?

"I’m not fond of massage."

What part of your body is your favorite?

"Yung visible? My neck. Di ba ‘yung ibang guys parang walang neck. They say that my neck is nice kasi mahaba daw."

What’s your Achilles’ Heel, your weakness?

"I have a temper. Do you mean that? Yeah, may temper ako."

And what part of a woman’s body do you look at first?

"Honestly... The hair and the legs. Gusto ko ‘yung malaman ang legs."

What turns you off in a woman?

"Siguro ‘yung boba."

Who’s your favorite fantasy figure?

"Aside from her (The girl who is in Toronto. – RFL)? Si Scarlett Johansson."

How much sleep do you get per night?

"At least eight hours. I sleep late so I wake up late."

What’s your favorite sleeping wear?

"Underwear – Bench, of course!"

What’s the last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

"I pray."

And the first thing that you do when you wake up?

"Brush my teeth and wash my face."

How do you cope with stress?

"I play badminton."

Favorite hideaway (aside from Toronto)?

"Any beach resort far from Manila."

Favorite city?

"Now that I play poker... Las Vegas!"

How’s your love life?

"I guess it’s okay."

Do you still have a nightlife?

"Oh yes, I have. I go out with friends."

Name three women you think have nice bodies.

"Aside from her? There’s Dr. Vicki Belo..."

...aside from her.

"Well, there’s Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. I go for the voluptuous type."

And three men...

"Brad Pitt. Johnny Depp. Matthew McConaughey."

Using only body language, how would you make a woman know that you admire her?

"Dinadaan ko sa tingin."
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