Baby talk with Jackie Lou
- Ricky Lo () - April 14, 2000 - 12:00am

ent1Ask Jackie Lou Blanco (Mrs. Ricky Davao) what the crucial period of mothering is and she'll tell you it's when the children start growing up and start asking about the birds and the bees -- you know.

That's what Jackie and Ricky's eldest child Kenneth (11; the two others are Rikki Mae, 7, and Arabella, 3) is starting to ask Jackie, especially when Kenneth sees a couple kissing or embracing on TV.

ent1"Mommy," Kenneth would ask, "what are they doing?"

While other mothers would hush up the inquisitive child and order him to go to sleep already, Jackie remains cool and composed and answers Kenneth's endless questions matter-of-factly.

"They're doing it because they're in love," she would tell Kenneth.

Jackie is unfazed even when Kenneth (his sisters are too young to bother with such facts of life) starts asking, you know, how babies are made.

"Two people in love kiss," Jackie would begin, and so on and so forth.

Rather than Kenneth (and, eventually, Rikki Mae and Arabella) learning such delicate matters from other people, Jackie feels that she has to inform the kids her- self, "Kesa naman maling information ang makuha nila sa labas o sa ibang tao."

As a mother, Jackie is the hands-on type, enjoying the children's growing-up moments by being with them most, if not all, the time, something which many working mothers can only wish for.

While her own mom, Pilita Corrales, was a somewhat "spare the rod and spoil the child" type, Jackie believes in giving the kids a little spanking or two if they commit mistakes. "My Mom is a spoiler," said Jackie. "I'm not."

Topics like these are what Jackie tackles in her show Baby's World (ongoing for almost three years now, 10 to 10:30 a.m. Saturdays on ABC 5), where she discusses "baby" issues (up to age seven) with authority -- the "voice of experience," you know.

In praise of Martin

Here's a reaction from reader May Zayco that should warm the cockles of Martin Nievera's heart:

Dear Mr. Lo,

Good morning! I hope you are having as wonderful a day as your column has made of mine. Reading your column is a daily habit that supercedes that of checking out the front page (now, for an ex-news person -- okay, radio FM-news -- that's saying a lot). I am not the type to follow the stories of showbiz personalities (truth be told, with the multitude of new faces cropping up these days -- it is very difficult to keep track) -- but in your spotlight, these entertainers become more interesting, more vulnerable -- more human.

In today's (April 12) column, you included a letter from one Louie Cesar that (embarrassing as it is to admit) brought tears to my eyes. Such compassion is rare these days -- never mind amongst celebrities, but in society in general. Martin Nievera's gesture was precious in that it was done away from the cameras, and (it appears) solely for the reward of making someone happy.

May I say that I have long since lost interest in Mr. Nievera's marital woes -- and am glad that his career has focused mainly on his talent as a performer and not on playing for sympathy or understanding (something that, I feel, only those with mediocre abilities can hope to count on for maintaining popularity). This gesture of his speaks well both of his confidence as an entertainer and as a person. To me, it shows that he does not need choreographed acts of kindness before the cameras to play up his good side -- that it has always been there -- with or without the limelight.

I have offered a prayer for Aileen and for those she left behind -- I do not know her -- but it warms my heart that she was surrounded by people who were bent on making her happy. To Mr. Louie Cesar and his children, and their friends Egay and Michelle Gonzales -- God bless them for overcoming such a loss and for being capable of such love.

Thank you for the time, Mr. Lo -- and should you decide to print this, may I request that you omit my name?

-- May Zayco

For better, for worse

And it came to pass that after going steady for two years, Star Circle members Gerard Pizarras and Jan Marini (Alano) have decided to cap their romance (which bloomed at the ABS-CBN Talent Center) with a garden wedding to be solemnized on May 7 (Sunday), 5 o'clock in the afternoon at the residence of Quezon City Congressman Sonny Belmonte who's the special guest of honor at the affair.

"When I asked Jan's hand in marriage from her Dad," recounted Gerard (Byron Gerard Cadungog in real life)," he thought at first I was joking. When he realized that I was serious, he gave us his blessings and said, 'I guess you're old enough to face the responsibilities of married life.'"

The complete wedding entourage follows:

* Principal sponsors -- Cong. Rodolfo Albano III and Linda Adao, Miguel Belmonte and Cynthia Albano, Col. Rodolfo Campos and Zeny Cayetano, Cong. Mike Defensor and Jeannie Lees, director Wenn Deramas and Princess Punzalan, Jose Du and Connie Ressurrection, Antonio Kwek and Grace Castro-Tuason, Xyrus Lanot and Lulu Timbol

* Secondary sponsors -- Steven Ditching, Julius Caesar Farin and Kenneth Posadas, groomsmen; Jahzeen Marnelli Alano, Geonabeth Cadungog and Cherry Anne Ramirez, bridemaids; John Calingo and Bethany Carmona (candle), Jericho Rosales and Afril Sheryl Adao (veil), Rico Yan and Jackie Forster (cord).

Best man is Lord Allan Jay Velasco; maid of honor is Dulce Amor Gamez; ring bearer is Geonard Cadungog, Jr.; bible-bearer is Jeffrey Quilatang; and flower girls are Crescelle M. Arenas and Mikyla C. Mondragon.

Funfare is wishing Gerard and Jan long blissful years together.

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