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HUBAD SA DAMGO - Mae “Tata” Abad (Banat) - March 12, 2014 - 12:00am

Hi  Professor,

 I seem to be member number 444 in this group, so that should be a good omen. I joined mainly because I would love to hear any interpretations about this dream I had last night. I was a teenager who was growing up in a large family, I had parents and brothers and sisters but none of the people were people I actually know in real life. It seemed to be a peasant family and we lived in a typical peasant house. Now at some point the little baby falls down out of the hands of the mother and is going to die. The father and the others then for some reason take the dying baby and put it right on my face (I was lying down on a bed or coach or something) - it was as if there was nowhere else where they could put it. Anyway the dying or dead baby blocks my vision as it is put exactly on my eyes and I have to just sit still while the others are trying to look after the baby or attend to it. But the baby dies. Then later when I am already grown up to become an adult (although the scene happened before in the dream, the timelines were kind of non-linear) I am talking to my brother about this and again at other times in the dream I seem to be talking to people about this event and if they remember how the dead baby was put on my eyes when we were young.

There was then a follow-up part to the dream but unfortunately I don't remember that anymore. Would really love to hear interpretations for the baby part though. It was very vivid and left quite a strong impression.

Thanks for sharing your views!— Vijak,



Your dream is a flashback of what happened that you forgot to fix. If you can remember an incident where there's a bad news that lingered not just in you but to your entire family, start from there so you can put things together and if you can still find a solution, then go ahead. What I am trying to tell you is that recall something or someone whom you have hurt so bad that you didn't have the chance to ask for an apology. A friend, family or whoever..... so by the time for your next dream, the people in your dream will be the same people you know and love. It's  also possible that you don't know you've hurt someone but it was deep enough to hate you. Fix it if you possibly can.


Prof. Tata Swami

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