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Fortune: Horn has no chance vs Pacquiao

Justin Fortune supervises Manny Pacquiao's workout in this file photo.

MANILA, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune just does not see Jeff Horn pulling off an upset on July 2.

Speaking recently to Fox Sports Australia, Fortune belittled his countryman Horn’s resume, saying the 29-year-old prospect has beaten no-names.

And that, Fortune believes, will spell a big difference when Pacquiao and Horn collide this July in Brisbane, Australia.

“No. It’s plain and simple, no, he (Horn) has no chance,” Fortune told Fox Sports Australia.

“Manny Pacquiao has fought nobody but world champions and ex-world champions — not ranked below No.4.

“Jeff Horn has fought Ali [Funeka] ... whatever his [expletive] name was. That’s it.”

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Indeed, only Ali Funeka, a former world title challenger, stands out among Horn’s 16 wins. The Australian defeated the South African fighter via technical knockout last year.

Pacquiao, in contrast, sports a resume worthy of the Hall of Fame, and Fortune was quick to point that one out.

“It’s the quality of competition (that matters). It’s got nothing to do with being a bigger puncher,” added Pacquiao’s strength coach.

Fortune went on to rave about Pacquiao’s speed and power, which the Filipino still possesses even at the twilight of his career.

“Pacquiao punches like he’s a [expletive] super middleweight ... his speed is ridiculous,” Fortune continued.

“Still, at 38 years old, he’s stupidly fast. Pretty much one of the three fastest guys out there and then on top of that he has natural power, which is a gift.

 “He might (have lost) a little bit of speed but even if he loses two or three spots in speed, he’s still faster than anyone else out there.”

Asked how long he thinks the fight will last, Fortune said it’s all up to Pacquiao

“It will go as long as Manny wants it to go,” Fortune said.

“Unfortunately for Jeff, he’s not a triple A (level fighter) he’s an A fighter.”

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