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Nutrilite Health Institute: Advancing human nutrition

Believing that research is the foundation of scientific knowledge, Nutrilite manifests its unparalleled passion for the study and advancement of human nutrition through the Nutrilite Health Institute.

The Nutrilite Health Institute (NHI), headquartered in Buena Park, California, is a global leader in plant-based nutrition science.

Recently, NHI officially opened its new Center for Optimal Health with the goal of helping drive awareness and understanding of nutrition by providing a first-class facility for education, training and health assessments.

Designed to increase consumer access to the highest possible level of nutritional information, the center brings together international leaders in the fields of academia to study and discuss scientific research, education and practical and personalized solutions to help consumers reach their optimal health.

Through ongoing research and collaboration with leading academic institutions, the NHI strengthens the science supporting Nutrilite products.

It also provides the latest information on products, nutrition science, and health to business owners worldwide who sell Nutrilite products through Amway or Quixtar.

More than 100 dedicated scientists, researchers, and educators support the NHI and the Nutrilite brand through product-focused science, research, and education.

They have expertise in various health-related fields such as nutrition, food science, botany, chemistry, pharmaceutical science, agriculture, biology, physiology, and medicine.

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