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The Armed Forces of the Philippines counts at least 919 terrorists killed in five months of fighting in Marawi City. The AFP backed by the Philippine National Police, meanwhile, lost at least 165 personnel.


Islamist terrorists surely have assessed by now that territorial control is unworkable – so back to their old tactics.

As of yesterday afternoon, the military was aiming to clear by day’s end the last building in Marawi still occupied by Maute gunmen. This was after the last of the hostages, about 20 of them, were freed over the weekend.

If there is one product in the Philippines that enjoys no less than President Rodrigo Duterte as its walking model, it is “Rolando Santos,” the shoe brand that carries the name of once little known Marikina shoemaker.

At last after 150 days of battle, 47 civilians, 163 government troops, 847 militants dead, and 78,466 families or 359,680 persons displaced, the Maranaos are on their way to rebuilding their lives. But is the war really over?

There was a time in the United States when a store owner or business owner would find the weather either too hot or just too nice to spend all day in the store especially when customers were far and few in between.

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