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Ateneo adopts Google Apps for education

MANILA, Philippines — Ateneo de Manila University earlier on announced its adoption of a computing solution with Google Apps for Education that is expected to benefit around 12,000 students and alumni.

The university said students will be able to communicate and collaborate in using the platform.

Ateneo's previous system offered several limitations such as inbox space, attachment size, and hard-to-manage contact lists. Spam mail was also a problem. These limitations prompted a lot of users to use their personal e-mails instead of the university’s e-mail system. These reasons prevented Ateneo from using it to provide email service to students.

“Ateneo needed a cost-effective solution that also offered a platform for communication and collaboration. After evaluating our options, we found that Google Apps for Education met our requirements,” said Chino Rodriguez, End-User Computing Manager, Ateneo de Manila University.

Rodriguez said with Google Apps for Education, Ateneo de Manila students will be able to collaborate using Google Docs; plan resource schedule using Google Calendar; extend its learning management system using Google Sites; and utilize the robust functionalities of GMail.

Janet Yoon, Google Apps Supporting Programs lead for the Philippines, said Google is pleased that Ateneo de Manila is turning to the Cloud through Google Apps for Education and leveraging its functionality to collaborate better, work more efficiently, and establish a more accessible learning system for its students.

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