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Cops eye 3 motives in vice mayor's ambush

Released yesterday was the artist’s sketch of one of the two gunmen described as in his late 20s, at least 5’6”, slim and with dark complexion.

MANILA, Philippines – The Manila Police District is eyeing three motives for the ambush of the vice mayor of a town in Zamboanga del Sur Tuesday afternoon in Ermita, Manila.

MPD officer-in-charge Chief Superintendent Roberto Rongavilla created yesterday “Task Force Ukol” headed by Ermita police station chief Superintendent Frumencio Bernal, which will look into politics, business rivalry and personal conflict as the possible motives for the ambush. 

Labangan town Vice Mayor Ukol (not Ocol as earlier reported) Talumpa, 46, is presently recuperating at an undisclosed hospital for gunshot wounds on the left shoulder, right hand and left thigh. His aide, Silag Morex, 35, was also wounded on the right thigh.

Rongavilla said Talumpa was backing his vehicle, a silver Toyota Vios (NQL-148) out of the parking area along Leon Guinto street at around 1:15 p.m. when the ambush happened. Inside the car were his bodyguard and two daughters, Rayyam, 20, and Raiza, 14.

The two gunmen, one on the vehicle’s rear and the other in front, fired successive shots at the occupants of the car. The daughters were unhurt. Despite his wounds, Talumpa got off the car and fired at the suspects who fled on board a motorcycle (4841-TD).

Rongavilla said Talumpa’s wife Leah revealed that they have been receiving death threats from unknown persons since the proclamation of the vice mayor. 

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MPD spokesman Chief Inspector Erwin Margarejo said Rongavilla has provided police security to the Talumpa family. 

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