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The Library marks 25th anniversary

MANILA, Philippines - The year 2010 is an important one for the many habitués of The Library as it marks its silver year. The Library created and managed by Andrew de Real has transformed the Manila nightlife into a world all its own.

What started out as a modest club along Adriatico in Manila where people meet to drink and be merry while being regaled by jokes from sing-along masters who have grown in number through the years, The Library has become a home away from home for its patrons.

It has evolved into structural and cultural landmark along Orosa cor. Nakpil and has been regarded as fundamental, iconic force in Filipino pop culture and the comedy entertainment industry.

A visit to Manila, especially n the Nakpil area, won’t be complete (especially if you want to try and experience the city’s vibrant nightlife) if you don’t go to The Library and experience fun and music-filled entertainment.

The Library has sustained its status as second home to patrons and launch pad for talents like Ai-Ai de las Alas, Arnell Ignacio and Allan K.

The grand celebration on June 21 is guaranteed to be the biggest, most entertaining night as The Library looks forward to the next 25 years of fun, music and entertainment.

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Grand musicals and production numbers from in-house talents and The Library staff are in store. Awards will be given to those who excelled as entertainers and performers, as well as patrons who have been around in The Library rain or shine.

Ai-Ai, Allan K, Teri Onor and Pooh will join the party.

The celebration started last week of May as Jed Madela, Philip Lazaro, Rufi Mi, Beverly Salviejo and John Lapuz hogged the spotlight.

The Library is releasing a commemorative silver anniversary coffee table book titled The Library: 25 Chapter of Laughter.

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