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Capturing great images

Great Image endorser Boy Abunda admires Nanay Lesing’s portrait

MANILA, Philippines - Boy Abunda and his mother Nanay Lesing Abunda are the faces of Great Image’s latest slogan dubbed “priceless photography.”

Mother and son had a pictorial for the endorsement in November with a concept following the photo studio’s new thematic campaign, “Every boy has non-negotiables.”

The pictures, which will be used in billboards and print ads this year, underline the importance of family and relationships as exemplified by candid shots of Boy and Nanay Lesing celebrating their love for each other.

Boy explains, “There are things in life that are non-negotiables and those include family and relationships. We are at the time in our lives when we have to go back to our families. Amidst the noise, the problems, the good times and the bad times, it is our relationships with people we love that anchor us. Life is easier if we have our loved ones beside us.”

The new Great Image campaign precedes the one launched in 2004 with the theme, Ilabas mo ang totoo. That campaign also featured Boy and it started the beautiful friendship between him and Robert and Toots Palomo, Great Image president and CEO, respectively.

Boy is the perfect choice for Great Image’s latest thrust. Boy, being a well-respected TV personality and a formidable force in the local entertainment industry, has shows left and right, engagements, guestings, meetings and a host of other things to do that it is virtually impossible to squeeze in his busy schedule.

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But there is one person he’d stop and drop everything for: Nanay Lesing.

“Even when I am in a meeting and my phone rings and I see that it’s Nanay calling, I stop the meeting and take the call. Mas importante ang Nanay,” he says.

Boy describes Nanay Lesing as “nurturing, tough, can be noisy, quiet, stern, very loving, very generous… she’s a father, mother, brother and sister all rolled into one — and more!

“She’s already 80 but she still hasn’t lost her sense of humor. I draw a lot of strength from her.”

Boy also lauds the photographers of Great Image. He says they are especially trained to handle family portraits or capturing on film the relationship between their subjects.

“That’s because they are not only good in technical matters, but in establishing a relationship with their models. It’s important that a subject trusts and is at ease around his photographer because their relationship during the shoot will show in the outcome,” says Boy.

Great Image has 34 branches in major malls nationwide and specializes in professional portraiture, digital imaging and photo and video coverage. For details, log on to www.greatimage.com.ph.

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