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Chef Boy Logro’s recipe of laughter

MANILA, Philippines - Celebrity chef Boy Logro whips up a different kind of recipe as he dishes out his comic style and talent in Viva Films’ newest offering, The Fighting Chefs, starring comebacking action star and Optical Media Board (OMB) chief Ronnie Ricketts. Ronnie himself wrote the story/screenplay and directed the action-comedy slated for release March 6.

In the movie, Ronnie is the Master Chef, owner of a restaurant in Elite Square with scrumptious and miraculous recipes. One of their specialties is the herbal soup that helps Don Manalo recover from his illness.

Don Manalo is the legal owner of the land where the Elite Square stands. He suffers from a terminal disease but because of taking the herbal soup, he receives his healing step by step.

Together with Chef Boy are Sexy Chef, Chef Magician, Chef Comedian, Dancing Chef and Chef Gigollo. They are united in taking care of their own themed-restaurants and the entire Elite Square’s success.

Conflict, however, arises when Chef Gigollo accepts the offer of Roy, brother of Don Manalo, in winning the Elite Square over their perpetrators.

After the series of bouts and fights from the villains, the chefs of Elite Square decide to prepare for battle as they undergo intense training to defend themselves from serious harm.

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After strings of life-threatening injuries, will the chefs resolve to just giving up Elite Square or will they continue to fight for it?

Joining Ronnie and Chef Boy in The Fighting Chefs are Hero Angeles, Vandolph, Jeffrey Santos, Joross Gamboa, Jon Hall, Arci Muñoz, Onyok Velasco and more with the special participation of Mark Gil, Roi Vinzon and Roldan Aquino.

Introducing in The Fighting Chefs is Marella Ricketts, Ronnie’s daughter with his wife Mariz.

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