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CEBU - Due to the very early deadline a few days ago and probably the spirit of the season, the facsimile of the results of the 6th Nike Southern Jungolf Classic never reached my desk, but I managed to pick them up from the pile waiting to be sorted out.

Well, with temperatures this cold and the shopping frenzy that you saw in the malls even during Christmas Day, there are things that just happen so grin a bear it. It’s Christmas so no need to get angry.

So, to make up for the boys and girls who did so well in the tournament, I am giving them some space in today’s column.

The class A division for boys was ruled by Chepe Dulay of the Negros Occidental Golf and Country Club. Chepe is the son of my good friend Chepit, who used to be one of the prime movers of shooting competitions around the country.

Second place for the 15 to 17 years class went to Kento Nakada of host Cebu Country Club followed by Clyde Mondilla of Del Monte.

For the girls’ division, Kristine Leonen of Del Monte won the title followed by CCC’s Abby Olea.

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Angelo Jose ‘Gio’ Gandiongco of Alta Vista topped the 13 to 14 years category for boys followed by Mactan’s Vijay Vasandani on second and CCC’s Lloyd Jefferson Go at third.

Irina Gabasa made it an all-Alta Vista show for the age group as she topped the distaff side followed by Apple Fudolin of Del Monte.

The Class C title for boys went to Martin Mangrahablian of Palos Verdes of Davao followed by JJ Gamolo of Del Monte on second and Gen Nagai of CCC on third.

Mactan’s Rachita Vasandani topped the girls division followed by Pamela Mariano of Del Monte.

In class D (9 to 10 years old), Orion Yamat of Bacolod won the title followed by Wei-wei Gao of Alta Vista on second and Sabin Veloso of CCC at third.

Choi Sun of Apo Golf won the title for the girls category followed by Lois Kaye Go of CCC.

In the 8-under class, Jeis Sajulga of Del Monte topped the boys category followed by Mactan’s Shailesh Vasandani on second and Russel Bautista of Del Monte on third.

The girls’ title went to Angela Pearl Mangana of Mactan followed by teammate Johanna Rianne Abella.

Those who are past the jungolf age of 17 years old and below also had their own category.

It was Bayani Garcia of CCC, who won the boy’s title. Second place went to Jolan Miñoza of Del Monte followed by his teammate Julius Bautista on third.

In the distaff side, Del Monte’s Lovelyn Guiguio won the title followed by Apo Golf’s Yoon Da Young.

My wish for our junior golfers is that soon there would be more events for those who would graduate to keep them in top shape for the bigger things to come.

We’ve had so many excellent players in the junior ranks who failed to do well afterwards due to the lack of what some refer to as a mid-amateur program.

It would help a lot too if we have a strong professional circuit.

* * *

MILESTONES: I’d like to give my best wishes to my fraternity brother, Atty. Jeffrey ‘Pabu’ Pabriaga, who is tying the knot tomorrow with Atty. Joan Suarez tomorrow afternoon.

Welcome to the club and welcome to a new addition to our Tao family. (THE FREEMAN)

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