When the Palace forces descend on the House of the Lord

WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez (The Freeman) - October 14, 2020 - 12:00am

Today is the day promised by Sultan Alan Peter of Taguig to Rajah Alan Jay Lord of Marinduque to turn over the House speakership peacefully and without any acrimonious bickering. The way I look at it, there is an optimistic scenario and a pessimistic one. The choice is in the hands of Peter.

If and when the sultan of Taguig should persist in reneging on his words of honor, and deny the rajah of Marinduque peaceful entry into the House of the Lords, then the regiments of the King Rodrigo, from the mighty Kingdom of Davao, shall descend upon the House with such tremendous ferocity and devastating power that may pulverize and decimate whatever remains of the ragtag forces of Alan Peter. The king has already forewarned both sides to settle their intramurals, or else he shall take matters into his own hands, and both sides may end up being vassals to Prince Polong, the son of the king.

It takes only one call from the Palace to Crown Prince Bongbong, ruler of the solid north to marshal the battalions from the Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, and the Cordilleras, and another call to Queen GMA of the Central Plains, to surround the tiny fiefdom of Taguig with Capangpangan allied forces. Another call to sultans, datus, and maharajahs of the Maranaos, Tausugs, and the Maguindanaos, as well as from the Sri Visayan empires, west, central, and east would seal the fate of the House of Lords. Alan Peter should realize by now that his days are numbered and he doesn’t have enough supporters to maintain his hold on the House.

Peter's most vocal subalterns and underlings, Mike Defensor, doesn’t have a defined constituency, as his partylist isn’t a group of bodies but an unspecified advocacy for health, sans any concrete structure to support his loquaciousness. And this young fellow from Bulacan, who became famous in the massacre of the ABS-CBN, Jonathan Sy Alvarado, who always speaks in the language of Francisco Balagtas and loves to call Congress the House of the People, cannot even be sure if all Bulacan congressmen will support the sultan of Taguig when the forces from the Palace descend upon the House.

The rather talkative LRay Villafuerte, cannot even unite the Bicol bloc behind the sultan of Taguig. His own father, whom he ousted from Naga, will most probably not even support him, if not march to the cadence of Velasco, whose father, the former magistrate from the highest court of the land, is a contemporary of the once-upon-a-time king of Camarines Sur, Luis Villafuerte. That was until King Luis XIV, was betrayed by his own son, Prince LRay. The old man was driven out of Naga, together with his own mother, and embarrassed by a resounding defeat at the hands of his own grandson Prince Miguel, now the lord governor of Camsur. And beyond the Villafuertes, there is Edcel Lagman from the foot of the mighty Mayon and Chiz Escudero of the lordship of Sorsogon with the beauteous Princess Heart.

And so, the day of reckoning is here. The sultan of Taguig should surrender or perish. He is being surrounded by forces from all the nooks and crannies of the whole nation. If he doesn’t want to be consigned to the footnotes of Philippine history, he should surrender to the Palace, ask for pardon, and humbly march in peace behind the conquering forces from Marinduque. That is how power shifts in the United Kingdom of Maharlika. Everything is decided in Mount Olympus, where King Rodrigo is the lord and almighty Zeus, Apollo, and Lion King all rolled into one. And we are nothing but “hoi polloi”.

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