Time for us to contemplate and pray
WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez (The Freeman) - March 20, 2020 - 12:00am

God, in his mysterious ways, did not create the coronavirus, but he allows it in order to put all things in order, and to give people time to contemplate and pray. In the same manner that he allowed the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as the great flood during the time of Noah. There is a reason for all these.

I do not claim the wisdom of the prophets and I know very well that I am just a simple Christian trying to live my fundamental tenets of Christianity. I have enough discernment to understand and accept that all things are allowed to happen for a reason and a purpose. For so long a time, humanity has been exceeding the bounds and violating the rules of goodness, truth, and justice. Men and women all over the world have gone astray and have been pursuing the paths of greed, lust, and licentiousness. The few who are rich and powerful have been exploiting people, committing injustice and have remained lacking in any sense of compassion and social responsibility. And the poor have retaliated with terrorism and violent concerted actions.

Leaders of nations and of corporations, who have the powers to make significant changes to help the poor and the powerless, have remained impervious and uncaring. They are too focused on amassing power and wealth that they have forgotten the purpose for which God allowed them to be in power. The 1 or 2% of the total world population, who control the global economy who also dominate the political and social structures in all human societies in the seven continents, have not reflected enough to realize that what they have and what are within their control can solve all the problems of the 99% of the people in the entire planet.

The few who are rich and powerful are not the only ones who have failed. The many who are poor and powerless are also to blame, albeit to a lesser degree perhaps. For to them to whom less is given, less is expected. Nonetheless, they are also to blame for not working hard enough to make changes in their life, for relying only on government to hand over to them cash and goodies without working for them. The poor are also to blame for their mindset of too much reliance on others, and not taking charge of their own lives. I have proven it myself, that in our socio-economic structures, it is difficult but not impossible to enhance our lives by our own struggles and sacrifices.

That is why today, as I am quarantined in my own home, I consider this as my retreat to reflect on why the virus had been sent to awaken people in their abuses and indifference. In their abuses, they have destroyed the environment, they have caused troubles and turmoil among others, and they have inflicted pains, sufferings, and difficulties among their fellowmen. In their indifference, they have closed their eyes to the hunger, diseases, and helplessness of people right in their surroundings. They have chosen to remain silent in the midst of too much falsehoods and injustice. This virus is really a killer. It kills the indifference and lack of compassion in humanity.

As Christians, we should gain the wisdom to arrive at a reflection that God allows bad things to happen for us to discern the Good News for our salvation as sinners.


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