Loyal but brainless solutions?
PERSPECTIVE - Cherry Piquero Ballescas (The Freeman) - September 12, 2019 - 12:00am



News reported the sad plight of patients who died, unable to get emergency assistance, because ambulances had difficulty getting to the hospitals in Metro Manila due to traffic.

The government agencies in charge of constructing roads and bridges as well as those in charge of traffic and road management should long have anticipated and prepared for this urgent need for emergency lanes, especially in traffic congested areas. Before any plan for road infrastructure is approved, isn’t it common sense to check and monitor if crucial emergency lanes have been included?

That seems to be missing these days. Misplaced loyalty seems to have sent common sense away -with brains often on low batt mode- resulting in outrageous suggestions and practices in this administration!

Because ambulances cannot get their patients on time to hospitals, some came up with what they thought must have been a brilliant idea- confer emergency powers on Du30 so he can solve the traffic problems!

What? Is there a need for a president to solve traffic? Doesn’t he have broader national and global issues to face than finding or ensuring effective emergency lanes to be required in all roads? Where are those paid with huge public funds to do road construction and traffic management? Why must a president solve this problem and why the need for emergency powers for him to do this?

Where have all the brains and brawn of this administration gone? Just to show their loyalty to the president, they pass on every problem, significant or not, to him!

Do these supporters not see they are undermining the presidency by not being able to solve problems within their assigned turfs and jurisdictions? What are they being paid for? Why are they not doing justice to the trust that Du30 has for them when he assigned them to their positions and tasks?

Take the case of the present scandal at the Bureau of Corruption, este, Bureau of Corrections (what!!!). Now notorious for having released, for a fee, prisoners, including those who committed heinous crimes, BuCOR has certainly created so much bukol and headache for Du30.

The law is very clear about who are qualified or not for the pardon and release. Why then do Bato and Faeldon mislead the public by saying the law is the culprit for being unclear, for causing confusion. Excuse us? Who interpreted the clear law in their own way and who abused their power while at BuCOR by releasing prisoners, even bypassing the Department of Justice?

Du30 still believes his appointees. Du30 said he stands by Faeldon who he described as a good man. If Faeldon did good as BuCOR chief, if he was a good man, then why did Du30 ask Faeldon to resign? Then, why all these investigations and allegations of so much sale and corruption in BuCOR? Surely, Du30 himself can discern what is right and wrong, and if wrong, the guilty should be penalized?

Doesn’t Du30 see the corruption right before his eyes? Does he not see how his appointees are making him look worse?

Take the case of Panelo. When public scrutiny questioned his meeting in his Malacañang office with the family of Sanchez, whom he defended as a lawyer during the celebrated murder/rape case in Laguna, Panelo asked Malacañang security and intelligence, maintained by billions of public funds, why they failed to warn him ahead of the Sanchez visit! Did Panelo not realize that he clearly provided strong evidence why the Office of the President does not deserve the huge budget for 2020 for poor intelligence work?

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