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Reboot and unwind with Gardenia’s toasty treats

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Reboot and unwind with Gardeniaâs toasty treats
Give yourself permission to relax and while at it, give that break time a delicious crunch with Gardenia’s toasty treats.
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MANILA, Philippines — Taking a break from work or school and all other activities at home or in the office is a must. It is not laziness to take a break but rather a productive pause to reboot and unwind.

Many people are often overwhelmed with a deluge of work that they tend to forget that much-needed downtime. Add to that this pandemic fatigue that’s draining everyone’s energy. 

“Taking breaks allows one’s brain and body to get the necessary recharge it needs to keep going,” Britanny Johnson, a licensed mental health counselor said.

Give yourself permission to relax and while at it, give that break time a delicious crunch with Gardenia’s toasty treats.

Take a break for your mental health

Time may be golden and we should make the most out of it but that doesn’t mean drowning yourself with work. That’s unproductive when it comes to your mental health. Break time actually increases productivity, replenishes attention and encourages creativity. It pays to take a break, go for a walk, pause and clear your head. 

A tip from Mental Health.org suggests a change of scene or a change of pace is good for one’s mental health: “It could be a five-minute pause from cleaning your kitchen, a half-hour lunch break at work, or a weekend exploring somewhere new."

Taking a break means recharging and enjoying something that could make you happier to continue with the grind. Aside from that, break time allows one to pause and plan, realign and see things from a better perspective.

Based on observations, usually, one can only focus for 90 minutes straight before it starts wandering. A 15- to 20-minute break in between helps one sustain energy and concentration to fulfill their tasks for the rest of the day.

And while having that much-needed break, enjoy it with Gardenia Butter Toast!

Break time crunch with Gardenia Butter Toast!

Gardenia Butter Toast is made from Gardenia Classic White Bread brushed with creamy butter, sprinkled with sugar then baked to a light golden crisp. The Gardenia Classic White bread in itself comes from the best and finest ingredients, so yes, consumers can expect the company’s signature world-class quality even in toasts!

Unlike other toasted bread in the market, Gardenia offers a unique crunch. While it is crunchy, it is not hard to bite. Gardenia Butter Toast gives that firm, crisp texture with a sharp, audible crunch that is soothing to the ears — perfect for that trendy ASMR nowadays! Check out Neil Richard a.k.a. Boy Umay’s ASMR to hear that distinct crisp sound of Gardenia Toasts!

On top of this amazing crunch, Gardenia Butter Toast has a balanced sweet and buttery taste that will make you want more.

You can also pair Gardenia Butter Toasts with a lot of complementary beverage. Dip in coffee? Spread with chocolate? Paired with corned beef? Gardenia Butter Toast is versatile enough to match a wide variety of food and beverage according to your taste. Just like how Charm Concepcion partnered her Gardenia Toasts with coffee for a sweet wake-up call during sleepy afternoons!

If you want to explore more, you can create Gardenia Toast Toppers. Just grab fruits, sweets, chocolates, meat and vegetables—well, the possibilities are endless as long as you know which toppers go along well together. Mix them on top of your Gardenia Butter Toast. Voila, you have your own toast toppers!

Handy Gardenia Toasties!

For those on the go, there’s also the Gardenia Butter Toasties. This is a handy, bite-sized version of Gardenia Butter Toast, but with the same delicious crunch! It comes in a convenient size that can fit your bag, lunchboxes, or even pockets! 

Whether you are working at home or in the office, you can fill your drawer with Gardenia Butter Toasties so you can have break time crunch anytime! This precious tip, we got from Kang Dupet! Need to drive for an important errand? Stock up Gardenia Butter Toasties in your car so you won’t have to buy snacks along the way. Netflix and chill with family? Go for a pack of Gardenia Butter Toasties! 

Everyone needs a little break from the grind, our daily routines, from overthinking and even from getting overwhelmed as we adjust to the new normal. So jump in the trend and take a break time crunch! Breakaway from the grind, bite in and enjoy a little snacking as you have fun with your favorite snack—Gardenia Toasts! 

With all the possibilities that one can do with the Gardenia Toasts, one pack will never be enough! Take a pause and have a toast, your total well-being depends on it.


For more updates, product information, and suggestions, one can follow Gardenia’s Snack Treats via Facebook.


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