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Welcome to a field trip discussion of common home site selection rituals worldwide, feng shui aided or not, for simple edutainment. Surely this will arouse your interest even if you already have a home of your own.

The process of finding a new home not only relies on basic instincts like those of a nesting bird, but also by folk beliefs, as well as other learned conventions from oral hand-me-down traditions across cultures.

The common objective is to find a healthy, wealthy, and happy place to live in. Yeah, right, since the time human beings turned from being nomadic to civilized domestication of their tribes and family.

Many of these beliefs if not superstitions are drawn from customs like feng shui. Or simply folk wisdom, as these have been proven over the years to work for the believer!

Feng shui practices certain concepts and rituals in selecting a home site in accordance to the flow of life force energies or chi that gives life to the owners and occupants of the place. Other folk beliefs adhere to the same concept of site selections combined with religious or pagan beliefs.

It is not the magic of site selection that is important here, but the appreciation of how to bring into reality one's dream home.

So welcome to the buffet of selected beliefs for your personal pickings!


Here are tips for you to consider:


1. Never choose a place whose entrances have cracks either on the pavement or on the floor as it signifies the instability inherent in the site.

2. Any site beside a power plant, railway, flyover, as well as cemeteries, hospital, temple, church, school, prison, or motels and, of course, funeral parlors or columbary are not advisable due to their   negativity. Even gasoline stations, slaughterhouses           and red houses or night clubs are not good for neighbors.

3. Europeans believe it is bad to transfer to a house right across or beside the former house. This applies to apartments, townhouses, or condo units too. The belief is that the negative vibes of the old can still continue in the new one alongside or across the former home.

4. Never buy or rent a haunted place. Ask around     the neighborhood as regards the reputation of a place before deciding to buy.

5. Avoid sites prone to rain or typhoon flooding.

6. Never buy a place with a negative history like crime of passion, or a former cemetery, war garrison, prison, hospital or church where wakes for the dead were held.

7. Avoid former garbage dumps, swamp field, or low lying and downhill areas.

8. Never buy in a cul de sac and dead end

subdivision lot or site.

9. For existing houses or units, never buy one with a toilet at the center of the premises.

10. Also with existing homes, never buy one with a spiral staircase unless you will remove it.

11. Avoid houses or units with a post or tree in front of the main door view.

12. Never buy a lot with a high water table as this impairs construction of good foundation for any structure.

These one dozen popular notions will keep you in good stead. One more thing (to make it to lucky 13): Beware of the numerology of the address.

Just last week, a client almost invested in a condo unit numbered 2410! It means easy death to money luck. Good timing and riddance, she had a feng shui maintenance check and was able to avoid misfortune in this investment!

Avoid the 4th and 7th as well as 24th floors in any condo investment too!

So there, enjoy your home selection journey with happiness, wealthbuilding and good health!



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