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SKINREPUBLIC - Jennifer Toledo-Tan M.D. - The Freeman

Dear Dr. Jen,

                I have very dry skin on my arms and legs.   Everyone says that I should put on lotion but the truth is, I hate the sticky feeling of lotion especially once I start to sweat.  My work involves being out on the field all the time so an air-conditioned work room is not available to me.  What other alternatives besides lotion can you suggest?


Dear Amy,

                Dry skin can be more prone to injury and itching, which is why avoiding it is a must.  The minute cracks that is a result of dry skin can make it susceptible for bacteria to enter skin and infection to follow. Hydration is important. This is easily done, even without the use of lotion. 

Here are a few tips you can try:

                1.            Apply a light oil before taking a bath.                                                      Rinsing with water during a shower can                                                                 get rid of the feel of greasiness yet still                                                  maintain the moisturizing benefits

                                of the oil.

                2.            Use a fat containing or moisturizing                                                         soap such as dove or oilatum.

                3.            Apply a heavy cream-based lotion or                                                      body butter at night only.  At least while                                                                 you are sleeping, the skin is adequately                                                                moisturized and may diminish need for                                                   lotion during the daytime. 

Hope these other options can help in moisturizing your skin.


Dear Dr. Jen,

                What facial cleanser can you recommend that can make my skin glow?


Dear Sarah,

                There are a lot of factors to consider if you are aiming for glowing skin.  First of all, let me correct the misconception that glowing skin can be derived from a single cleanser.  A cleanser touches your skin for only 5-10 seconds and then it is rinsed off.  Whatever active ingredient is found in the soap, it doesn't remain on your skin for a long time.  Hence, you might want to look into other sources for producing glowing skin, such as night or day creams and the like.

                You might be interested in products that renew skin such as retinols. Also, to give your skin a boost, antioxidants such as vitamin C are key things to look.  These are usually found in anti-aging night creams or moisturizers.  Another factor that makes skin glow is the sloughing off of dead skin cells.  Dead skin cells that accumulate on your skin can give you a dull complexion.  You can avoid this by using a gentle exfoliant weekly or every two weeks.  Microdermabrasion and chemical peels may also help.

                Last but not the least, you have to consider having a well-balanced diet.  Whatever you take in, reflects on your skin.  Your body's hydration level is also shown on your skin.   To sum it up, maintaining a balanced diet as well as using a mild cleanser, an effective night cream and daily sun protection are key to achieving glowing skin.

Dr Tan is a diplomate of Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS). She is affiliated with Perpetual Succour Hospital (PSH).  For other information on PDS, check http://www.pds.org.ph/.If you have any questions or concerns please text, email or call (the Freeman or PSH): 0932 857 7070 or <[email protected]> or  (032) 233 8620 or 232 5929.  Your inquiries will be forwarded to Dr. Tan.











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