GOD’S WORD TODAY - Jonjee C. Sumpaico, S.J. (The Philippine Star) - June 29, 2014 - 12:00am

School started just a couple of weeks back and I was a bit intrigued by four letters G-T-K-Y in most of the classes that I saw. It was an acronym that I have newly encountered. I have heard, B-R-B (Be Right Back), G-T-G (Got To Go), I-M-H-O (In My Humble Opinion) and even the famous L-O-L (Laugh Out Loud). It was only when I paused and looked at the context of the school opening did I realize that it meant Getting To Know You.

It really seems to be apt to be familiar with such an acronym during the initial stages of the schooling. Becoming aware of one’s context becomes a good starting point in one’s growth in learning.

Perhaps even with the two great Apostles, Peter and Paul, such was also the case. As they started with their journey, they first had to get to know Who they were following. Peter got to know Jesus after he was called while he was working as a fisherman. Paul got to know Jesus after he was blinded while he was pursuing and persecuting the early believers. Both got to know Jesus in the process of their journey – in their own specific times and places.

The Gospel reading of today asks for the response of this G-T-K-Y. It brings the follower of Jesus the question, “after getting to know You, so how do I now see things?” Jesus brings this natural demand to Peter and asks him to make a stand for himself about life. Amidst hearing the chatter and gossips of everybody surrounding them, it was essential for his follower to make his claim as to who his leader is for him. Jesus was trying to see what motivates his follower to come and follow. Jesus was trying to get Peter to look at his heart and so he may be able to see more clearly, love more dearly and follow more nearly Jesus in freedom.

We all find ourselves in a process of getting to know the Lord who lives, who is with us. We all are also able to encounter that moment when we are invited to give a stake in our relationship with God. Even as we are all part of one body, the parts have to agree to follow its head. Each will have to listen to his own calling and follow it.

Peter’s calling is unique. He was invited to own up to what he believed in. He confessed his faith that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the Living God. In so doing, he became God’s instrument in establishing the early Church in God’s New Covenant.

Paul’s calling was also unique. Jesus made known Himself to him and converted his heart. With the same passion that he persecuted the early Church, Paul became known as an outstanding preacher of God’s good news to the Gentiles in his lifetime.

As you are reading this, you might also want to consider that you are also unique. It may be good to consider these questions for your own reflection:

How have I known God through the years? Does trying to knowing God mean much to me?

If I have a word to describe my relationship with God, what will that word be?

How am I moved, knowing that I have my share of blessings, to follow God’s call in my specific time and place?

For starters, It may be good to see what is in your heart. To know where one’s heart is, is to know the best place where God communicates with you. If you can ask yourself what is in your heart, then you can bring it to prayer. If you are in touch with what you feel, then you have something to pray about.

We have been told that “it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, and what is essential is invisible to the eye.” What then can your heart see? Maybe it is time to find out as God engages you to a G-T-K-Y.

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