READER'S VIEWS - Henry L. Yu, M.D. () - January 26, 2013 - 12:00am

What are the good things about being sixty-something? Those born in 1943 or earlier (who are now 70 years and older) would surely know as they've been there once upon a time in the not so distant past. Remember the times of your life?

For those of us born on or between the years 1944 and 1952 (who are now 69 and 61), we also know what it is or how it feels to be sixty-something because we are at it now. We are the Senior Citizens of the Y2K generation.

The sixty-agers (60 to 69 years old). The sixty-something. And what's the beauty of being sixty-something? Oh well, many things, such as: We are given the importance and respect by the younger people. They would courteously give up a seat for us in the mall or restaurant. They would open the doors for us and would let us go in first. They help us carry our things. They extend a helping hand when we ride a jeepney or go up or down the stairs. People don't mind so much if we make a mess in a crowd by proclaiming that we're just acting our age.

And not to forget the discounts, the express lanes, the special restrooms, etc. If only for these, shouldn't we be glad we're sixty-something?

At sixty-something, some of man's basic needs shall have been fulfilled, like the need to be loved, to be needed, to be acknowledged, to be given importance, etc. There are a lot more privileges that are afforded to the sixty-agers, things that we didn't get to experience during the 1960s and 1970s as we were the ones doing these favors then to those ahead of us or older than us.

Oh well, life is a cycle. We were yesterday's reigning teen-agers in the jam session era, the disco king and queen… and today's sixty-agers.

Life, indeed, begins at 40. It peaks at 50, slows down at 60, declines at 70, stops at 80 or 90 or beyond. Whatever, let us rejoice and be glad… Because not everybody is given the chance to be sixty-something.

As one of Michael Jackson's songs would put it: “We are the world, we are the children (Seniors). We are the ones who make a brighter day. So let's start giving. There's a choice we're making. We're saving our own lives. It's true we'll make a better day. Just you and me…”

We thank God for the Gift of Life. Just by being able to wake up each morning is already a blessing beyond compare. The rests are just bonuses.

Let us enjoy the present because we only get to be sixty-something once in our lifetime. Don't worry. Be happy. Smile.

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