She might've been 'Imelda Aquino'
POINTILLISMS - Mike Acebedo Lopez () - February 25, 2012 - 12:00am

I know my paternal grand aunt Mrs. Imelda Marcos wouldn’t be very amused with having her name attached to that of their family’s political arch nemesis, especially not like this. But with all the EDSA anniversary euphoria, I can’t help but recall some interesting trivia about the infamous and inimitable Philippine First Lady (and the decades-old political drama in our country)—especially the most interesting and intriguing bits of information many people aren’t even aware of.

Did you know that before Ninoy and Cory became the ‘awesome’ twosome they are now (thanks or no thanks to the Pinoy mentality of hero worship), or before Ferdinand and Imelda tried excessively to epitomize ‘malakas’ and ‘maganda,’ there was actually a time when Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino and Imelda “Meldy” Romualdez dated?

Yes, for a time, before destiny took over and lead them to meet their respective spouses (for better or for worse), they were together. Doesn’t matter how long but before he became a senator and she became “Imeldific,” the two most powerful figures in contemporary Philippine history spent some time dating.

Apart from interesting and intriguing, I think this detail is important and I honestly wonder why it’s seldom discussed. Don’t you find it curious that this is left out in most (if not all) documentaries, books, or commentaries on the Marcos – Aquino saga?

They say all politics is personal. And to an extent, I agree. So imagine, what if the events of the past were largely shaped by what could’ve been a love triangle? Plausible angle? Of course. Anything is possible in this strange world that gets stranger each day.

No offense to Cory Aquino fanatics and Noy Aquino diehards out there. I’m simply exploring a slant that rarely gets any media mileage.

In several footages of interviews with Ninoy, he had described Imelda as “the most beautiful woman,” that she “looked like the Virgin Mary.” If you’re Cory (and frankly), you’re not so much of a stunner (okay, it’s inner beauty that counts), wouldn’t you be a tad insecure that your husband tells the whole world he finds his ex beautiful, even going to the extent of comparing her to the Blessed Virgin? I think we’d all be if we were in her shoes, especially because her husband was never as generous with his compliments when she was involved.

Suffice to say, throughout history, battles have been waged and won, empires have been built and destroyed because of personal interest, because of love and jealousy—what assures us that this saga that has both captivated and crippled our country doesn’t go along the same plot? Just think. If you didn’t know that Imelda and Ninoy were an item before, how much else is being kept from us?

There are many versions to this tale, and much of the details are left out by the storytellers of history. And we all know that the devil is in the details. XOXO


Tonight on The Bottomline: One of People Power 1’s most familiar faces, Sister Ping Ocarizo, shares her thoughts on EDSA and gives an interesting back-story to the events that lead to that crucial and defining moment in our country’s history.

Catch it after Banana Split on ABS-CBN Channel 2. Encore cable telecast on the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC), Sunday, 1pm.



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