Would the DILG post be a suitable assignment for VP-elect Jejomar Binay?
() - June 25, 2010 - 12:00am

Edwin Chinel Monares, Rizal: Putting Binay in the DILG will be perfect. His experience as a successful Mayor of Makati City will surely stir and steer the DILG.  

Jim Veneracion, Naga City: The DILG post is most suitable for VP Binay especially with his long-range presidential plans for 2016. It will scandalously give him an edge over others.  

He is best suited for the job

Ernesto Oliquiano, Las Piñas City: Definitely. Binay has been the mayor of the richest city in the country for decades and he has done a lot for his constituents. His experience will be a valuable asset to the Aquino administration in overseeing the operations of other local government units in the country.  

Jayson Biadog, Mandaluyong City: Yes, he has the experience and character. Managing the richest city in the country and heading the opposition while getting the trust of President Cory Aquino is a pretty tough job.  

June Deoferio, Cavite: Yes, because VP-elect Binay has a rich experience in public service and also as a lawyer known for his crusade against human rights abuses.  

Reynaldo Mosuela, Metro Manila: With his experience and accomplishments as a local chief executive, Binay deserves to be appointed DILG Secretary.  

Dr. Jose Balcanao, Benguet: VP Binay is very much qualified as DILG Secretary because he is a Master in Public Administration where Local Government Administration and Administrative Law are major subjects. Secondly, he transformed Makati into a mega-city where basic services to the people were outstandingly rendered. Third, he has shown to the world his virtues and expertise in running a first-class city despite all odds.   

Elpidio Que, Vigan: The DILG post should be suitable for VP-elect Binay. He proved himself a most competent local executive by transforming Makati to what it is today  a city to be envied. But then, he should follow whatever P-Noy gives him as his assignment. Robin does not question what Batman tells him.  

Germi Sison, Cabanatuan City: With his accomplishments as Makati Mayor for many years and as MMDA head, he is best suited as DILG secretary to enhance good governance and teamwork among local government unit officials.  

Lorenzo Fernandez Jr., Cabanatuan City: The assignment would be very fitting for VP Binay because he wants it very much. With that frame of mind, he can work wonders at the DILG.  

Rudy Tagimacruz, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon: Giving the DILG post to VP-elect Jejomar Binay is a suitable assignment . Square peg, square hole.  

C.B. Manalastas, Manila: No doubt, as former Makati mayor, Binay is qualified for the DILG post. This will also give him the chance to interact with local officials.  

Romeo Caubat, Masbate: Yes, because he’s been in local government for almost three decades already. Besides, Binay is a lawyer of Ninoy Aquino of long time ago.  

Louella Brown, Baguio City: The DILG post would be a suitable post for VP-elect Jejomar Binay. He believes it is his expertise. Why not give him the post?  

LP has many qualified bets

Jimmy Donton, Puerto Princesa City: Though he is qualified to head the DILG with his stint as Makati City mayor, there are so many qualified persons in the Liberal Party that can effect change and do the job. Let the search committee of the Aquino team do and finish the job.  

LP stalwarts won’t allow it

Josh Pacatang, Dipolog City: No, Binay should not be in Aquino’s LP-dominated administration. Binay has his own political sycophants at the PDP-Laban ready to fill up vital positions in the Department nationwide. Let’s recall political history. Quirino appointed Cong. Magsaysay Secretary of Defense, and Magsaysay used his position to enhance his visibility with the people. The guy defeated his boss in the ensuing election for President. With Binay at DILG or at Defense, Aquino will always be watching his back. If Aquino’s LP fields Roxas in 2016, Binay will be the sure winner.  

William Gonzaga, Marikina City: VP-elect Binay can definitely handle whatever difficulties are inherent in the DILG post considering his vast experience as a local government executive.  However, it is highly uncertain whether President-elect Noynoy Aquino will consider Binay for the said position.  Noynoy’s Liberal Party will strongly oppose if ever Binay will be considered as the 2016 polls will be an important part of the party’s long-range strategy.  If Binay gets the DILG post, he is expected to use it for his own political agenda, not the Liberal Party’s.  

Ishmael Q. Calata, Parañaque City: With his exposure and experience, VP-elect Jejomar Binay may be assigned to any major department of the executive branch of the government and I am sure he will do a good job. As for the DILG post, it is predictable that some in the group of the coming administration may not like him there as it will lend him tremendous power and will assure him of election as the next President of the Republic. I hope that crab mentality will not work this time. Let’s think of what is good for the country and move forward.  

Carmela Ramento, Cagayan de Oro City: Yes, indeed. It is a very suitable job for him, but he is not going to get it. I guess you know the reason why.  

Rodolfo Talledo, Angeles City: He won’t get it due to the Roxas factor. This early, Binay is already positioning himself for the next presidential election but Roxas won’t allow it, or there will be a bitter falling-out with Noynoy if the latter accedes. P-noy owes Roxas too much in becoming President.  

Somebody close to the President gets that

Jose Fabello Jr., Cagayan de Oro City: At the very least, Binay should be assigned a job to do to make use of his expertise as Mayor but not necessarily DILG. Somebody close to the President gets that.  

Pedro Alagano Sr., Vigan City: I believe that it was in good faith that Binay declared his intention to get the DILG portfolio, wherein he can apply best his expertise in governance, but from all indications, he won’t get it for obvious reasons. Hence, Binay should give P-noy the free hand to place him where he may be most effective.  

Ella Arenas, Pangasinan: Yes, the position really fits him because he is a lawyer and has the charisma to lead people who are under him. But the trouble is that Pres.-elect Ninoy already has somebody in mind to assume the DILG portfolio. I just hope that Binay will not show disappointment for not being considered because it’s the President’s prerogative to choose who he thinks is best for the position. He should still be grateful to former Pres. Cory for picking him to be Makati mayor.  

Is Binay gearing up for 2016?

Elmo Cruz, Manila: Many expect VP-elect Binay to be the new DILG Secretary, but that could pose a big problem for President-elect Noynoy Aquino, as that position will be a good gateway for his 2016 presidential ambition, which his bosom friend and losing VP candidate, Mar Roxas, is aiming for. Expect Sen. Chiz Escudero to be VP Binay’s faultfinder while Jinggoy Estrada should glue himself to his father’s successful runningmate.  

Robert Young Jr., San Juan: The reason VP elect Binay won in the last election is his many years of good relationship with city mayors and governors all over the Philippines. This is the reason why Binay wants the DILG post  to strengthen further his ties with local officials for 2016. There is no doubt Binay is well-qualified for DILG post but it will mean the death of Roxas’ chances for the coveted presidency in 2016.  

Deo Durante, Camarines Sur: If Pres. Noynoy is willing to let the dream of his runningmate Mar Roxas fade away for the 2016 elections and favor VP Binay to establish his clout from North to South, my answer is yes. However, this move would be against the principles of party discipline.  

Luisito Vallo, Pangasinan: Why is he asking for the post? The DILG post is a very powerful Department that could serve as a launch pad for the highest post of the land. Is Binay preparing himself for 2016? -  

Ferdinand Rafer, Cavite: It would be good for his presidential plans in 2016. Imagine, he would have control over the local governments and the police and jueteng as the source of campaign funds.  

Lydia Reyes, Bataan: I don’t think so. This early, VP-elect Binay is looking to establish power with local officials for his own interest.  

Vivian Ocampo, Quezon City: Certainly not. Binay will try to win the support of local government heads to gain a better chance at the presidency in 2016. Heaven forbid.  

He should avoid any conflict with Noynoy

Desuel Pardo, Mandaluyong City: Being a lawyer, a reserved colonel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and well-noted for being Makati Mayor and MMDA Administrator, VP-elect Jojo Binay is suited for many Cabinet posts. To keep his presidential ambition in 2016 blooming, he must first avoid any conflict with Presidential-elect Noynoy Aquino by accepting any Cabinet post he is assigned to, though the best for him is the DILG post.  

A powerful VP is too dangerous

Ed Alawi, Davao City: It’s better not to give VP-elect Binay the DILG post where he is well-versed and comfortable and may build up another fiefdom that can go against President Noy.  

Felix Ramento, USA: No, unless of proven loyalty and fidelity, a powerful VP is too dangerous for a sitting President.  

Manuel Abejero, Pangasinan: This early, Binay is planning for the 2016 presidential election. Giving him the DILG post is going to be LP’s biggest blunder. It’s suicide.  

Gerii Calupitan, Muntinlupa City: It’s like asking the wolf to guard the sheep while the German shepherd is at the vet. Nationwide na ang “Republic of Makati”; Eto na ang motto: “Kung walang kukurap, walang e-Erap!”  

His insistence causes anxieties

Cris Rivera, Rizal: Maybe. However, his being too forward about it when the matter is on the table, coming as it were from a rival political party, causes anxieties.  

P-noy calls the shots

Ruben Viray, Antipolo City: It would be appropriate for VP-elect Binay to hold the DILG post. However, he cannot force Pres.-elect Aquino to give it to him just like that. As VP, he should wait for whatever assignment the President will give him.  

Dennis Montealto, Mandaluyong City: He should be suitable for any position, he being just a heartbeat away from the presidency. If he becomes President at any time during the incumbency of P-Noy by sheer luck or twist of fate, he should be able to deliver any executive portfolio assigned to him by the President to make use of him to the fullest for the benefit of Pinoys. Else, we’ll just be throwing away the dreams and aspirations of the millions that voted for him.  

Leonard Villa, Batac City: Yes, if P-noy appoints him. But it would be improper and shameful for Binay if he insists that he be the next DILG chief. P-noy will call the shots.  

He should be made to clean up corruption

Nony de Leon, Malolos City: Instead of the DILG, V-nay should head a superbody mandated to eradicate all vestiges of graft and corruption from all local government units.  

Ignacio Anacta, Metro Manila: Jejomar Binay has been mandated to be our VP, the alter ego of the President, so why should he be assigned to a Cabinet position? Since P-Noy has vowed to eliminate corruption, he should establish an Anti-Corruption Commission, and I fully believe that Binay can be an effective head of such a very important anti-graft and corruption government agency.  

His honesty and integrity are questionable

Nazario Ello Jr., Iloilo: No, he is not a suitable candidate for the post because DILG teems with corruption and his honesty and integrity are wanting.  

Lolong Rejano, Marinduque: A certified politician like VP-elect Jejomar Binay will only make the DILG a haven for the “bata-bata system” and “tuloy lang ang ligaya” while building up his empire for 2016.  

Rey Ibalan, Antipolo City: That is aptly suitable for the VP-elect especially with the 2016 polls looming. He is qualified but he should first hurdle pending corruption charges against him.  

Armando Tavera, Las Piñas City: The DILG Secretary post must be given to someone with integrity not to somebody with a pending case for graft and corruption in the Sandiganbayan.  

DSWD would be a more suitable post

Norberto Robles, Taguig: The appropriate post for Binay is the DSWD where he can make good his campaign promise to provide better social services to the marginalized sector just like he did in Makati.  

Rey Onate, Palayan City: I believe that the suitable Cabinet post for a Vice President is social welfare. It is one job that a VP can focus on and dedicate his efforts, talents and energy. In the case of Binay, the social welfare post will provide him the opportunity to actualize on a nationwide scale his program “Ganito kami sa Makati.” Kung ayaw niya sa social welfare, sa peace process siya mag-volunteer.  

Mayor Robredo would be a better choice

Tino Abella, Masbate: Yes, it would be a suitable position for VP Binay. But I believe that my kababayan, Mayor Jesse Robredo, would be a better choice.  Maricel Maralit, Naga City

Perhaps, but Robredo is much better, clean multi-awarded and sincere. DILG is very crucial to the party in power next to the DND.  

We can reach a compromise

Concepcion Gaspar, Laoag City: Considering his experience as Makati City mayor for a long time besides expressing his desire to get the DILG portfolio, I believe that he will be challenged to show his best performance with reforms in the local government, and hence seek the highest position next election. But how about Mar Roxas? Noynoy is really at a crossroads. This position is much coveted because it is an acid test on one’s ability to govern. To please both Binay and Roxas, a compromise is needed. The first three years for Binay and the last three years for Mar is my unsolicited advice. It will be up to the voters to choose the better performer.  

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