Evan Ellingson's escapades on CSI: Miami

MANILA, Philippines - “I never had the same (childhood) experience with my friends,” recalls Evan Ellingson who started acting at age 10. “I never had more time with them. However, my childhood was a cool one. I was busy doing the things I love. I had no regrets because I found my passion for acting early on.”

His character Kyle Harmon in AXN’s CSI: Miami which will premiere its seventh season on Aug. 12, 10 p.m. has troubled childhood. The son of Lt. Horatio Caine (David Caruso) was left to the care of his grandmother and lived with a foster family. Kyle also had “juvenile forays” with the law.

“What would you do?,” replied Evan when asked about his character’s misadventures. “He is a bit confused. He grew up not knowing his parents. (It seems) They don’t want him.”

This shows where Kyle is coming from. Playing the son of Miami’s No. 1 detective is challenging says Evan. It is true because the actor has a happy, fulfilling childhood with a supportive mother present in every audition and casting of her son.

Like in any typical potential project, Evan fell in line for the Kyle role.

“It was a long process of interviews,” he grants. “I tried out for one week. After trying out as Horatio’s son, I received a call back. Then I had the role.”

How did Evan prepare for the role? Not that much, he said. But the televiewers will know that Evan gives his all.

Evan shares being part of CSI: Miami is one of his career big breaks. He adds that everybody in the show works together. They help each other not making anyone uncomfortable. Doing CSI: Miami is a cool and fun experience for Evan.

As for David, Evan finds the lead actor cool and they hang out together. That’s necessary for the two to have a father-son bond.

Portraying Kyle is extra special to Evan because he is a fan of the show, particularly the original Miami.

“I watched it religiously with my family. If you didn’t watch it, you were the bad person of the week,” Evan says.

Given his boy-next-door looks, Evan has won the hearts of the show’s young female fans.

“People notice me (anywhere),” says Evan. “In the gas station, they ask me, ‘Are you Horatio’s son?’”

“I also received an invitation from an 11-year-old girl telling me to fly out to UK for an Evan Ellingson party. (Am I open to a relationship?) I’m busy and have no time for love and dating. I have to be careful.”

Before CSI: Miami, he appeared in Madtv, General Hospital, Titus, Complete Savages and 24, among others. He was also seen in movies like The Bondage, Letters from Iwo Jima, Walk the Talk and My Sister’s Keeper.

What to look forward to in CSI: Miami’s latest season? New developments are close to the protagonist’s heart, shares AXN. Followers will see Julia skipping her bipolar medication and spending money without much thought. Kyle will be involved in a homicide case with his mom Julia.

Agents will track down crime perpetrators whose victims are killed by brain stabbing, being boiled alive or brutal grenade attacks. A high-rise is crashed by a 200-ft. crane and a reality star gets murdered on the set.

What does Evan want to do as an actor?

“I want to do things in moderation — like branching out to the whole serious drama thing. I would also love to do comedy,” he replies.

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