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(From left) Oradian co-founder and CEO Antonio Separovic, Salmon Bank co-founder and president George Chesakov and digital financial services innovator Lowell Campbell at the Oradian Event in Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taguig City.
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MANILA, Philippines — Oradian, a core banking software provider for emerging markets, based in Makati, recently hosted an event that has set the financial sector buzzing with discussions on innovation and agility in digital banking.

Held at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Hotel in BGC, Metro-Manila, the event was a convergence of top influencers, entrepreneurs and investors from both the Philippines and around the globe.

Titled “Navigating disruption – seizing opportunities, overcoming challenges,” Oradian’s event aimed to dissect the complexities of the fintech landscape, focusing on how institutions can harness technological advancements to propel their growth and navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving digital environment.

The event spotlighted key topics such as open banking, regulatory adaptations, and the integration of new tech into established banking frameworks.

The highlight of the event was a panel discussion featuring key opinion leaders in the fintech sector, such as George Chesakov, co-founder and president of Salmon Bank; Lowell Campbell, former IFC – World Bank; and Antonio Separovic, CEO of Oradian.

The dialogue centered on strategic responses to disruption in the financial sector, with insights on scaling operations, enhancing product development speeds and eliminating operational bottlenecks.

Chesakov shared, “In this changing financial landscape, we view disruption as a major opportunity. Our partnership with Oradian—known for its adaptable, advanced technology and strong presence in the Philippines—enables us to quickly seize these opportunities. Together, we are ready to respond to the fast-evolving needs of the Philippines’ growing market and provide the modern financial services our customers expect.”

The panelists shared their experiences and strategies, providing attendees with a roadmap to navigate the disruptions in financial services. Topics covered included leveraging emerging trends, learning from success stories, and deploying actionable strategies that institutions can adopt to remain competitive and innovative.

“Innovation is destructive by design and requires conviction and discipline to deliver the change. I’m impressed that Oradian have embraced their part in changing how financial institutions execute their regulatory responsibilities but in a way that makes a customer journey accessible and affordable even if across 7,000 islands. By pioneering cloud and affordable core banking Oradian is clearly positioned to enable their partners to innovate and provide relevant services, safe in the knowledge that Oradian shares an innovative, responsible and sustainable vision,” according to Campbell.

A lively Q&A session underscored the interactive nature of the event, extending beyond its scheduled time due to enthusiastic participant engagement. Attendees, leveraging their vast experience, actively contributed to discussions, echoing the event’s collaborative spirit.

Oradian’s initiative to host such an event underscores their commitment to fostering a robust fintech ecosystem in the Philippines. By facilitating these critical discussions, Oradian not only positions itself as a thought leader but also demonstrates its dedication to enabling financial institutions to better serve their customers, thereby driving financial inclusion.

Separovic says, “In the face of rapid changes in the financial sector, our commitment remains unwavering: to empower our customers with the most advanced core banking technology. We recognize the immense opportunities that these disruptions present in the Philippines. Our mission is to equip financial institutions with the tools they need to thrive, meeting the increasingly sophisticated demands of the market. At Oradian, we’re not just responding to changes; we’re driving them, ensuring our partners can seize every opportunity that arises.”

The event concluded on a high note, with participants expressing a better understanding of the tools and strategies needed to thrive in the dynamic landscape of digital banking and financial services. Oradian’s successful event not only provided valuable insights but also strengthened the community of financial innovators in the region.

By hosting “Navigating disruption – seizing opportunities, overcoming challenges,” Oradian has reinforced its role as a catalyst for financial innovation, empowering leaders to navigate through challenges and seize opportunities in the evolving world of fintech. Together with their local team, Oradian aims to enable financial institutions to reach their lofty growth goals, and ease the transition to a more powerful core banking solution that works straight-out-the-box, and can also be customized to exploit an institution’s unique capabilities.


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