Maxim now a new player in motorcycle taxi market in Metro Manila

Maxim’s MotoTaxi rate includes the services of a professional motorcycle rider trained in Maxim’s own training center.
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MANILA, Philippines — E-hailing company Maxim recently took part in a pilot project aimed at developing motorcycle transportation in Metro Manila. The company then announced the launch of affordable motorcycle rides, which users can already order via the Maxim app.

Maxim has also obtained a TNC license and a car transportation permit from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). This means that you can already order a ride in an official taxi car, with private car rides also available in several cities.

Maxim declared that its prices are more affordable than those offered by the current market participants.

Passenger transportation rates

If you want to order a motorcycle taxi, look no further than Maxim’s MotoTaxi rate, which includes the services of a professional motorcycle rider trained in Maxim’s own training center.

This mode of transportation can come in handy for safe rides, allowing the drivers to avoid traffic jams and significantly reduce transportation costs. Both the driver and the passenger are insured in case of any incidents during the ride. In Metro Manila, the price of motorcycle rides starts at P50.

Opting for the new Taxi rate will get you an official taxi car, and the price of your ride will be calculated by a taximeter. If you compare the ride price for the same route with other companies, you’ll see that Maxim’s price is lower due to the low-cost booking fee.

This rate is already available in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Butuan, Cagayan-de-Oro, Iligan and Iloilo. The company is planning to make this rate available in other cities as well.

Using the Car rate, you can order a private car in Iloilo and Bacolod. In this case, the ride price is calculated automatically according to the distance of the optimal route and remains fixed, regardless of the time the ride takes. This allows passengers to know the ride price in advance and easily plan their expenses.

Moreover, Maxim aims to provide a more transparent and controlled pricing to compete with other ride-hailing services, especially during the peak hours.

Socially responsible and safe company

Maxim started operating in the Philippines in 2020. For quite a long time, it mostly offered delivery of food and other goods: currently, residents of 18 cities of the country can order shopping and delivery services, different types of transportation and express laundry cleaning and drying with transportation.

Obtaining a TNC license and participating in the pilot project for developing motorcycle transportation will allow Maxim to improve people’s transportation options and make rides available to a wider population.

The company will also provide new income opportunities to the taxi drivers, including those driving private cars and motorcycles, thus potentially helping reduce unemployment.

“Maxim will operate in the low-cost segment of the market, so that as many people as possible will be able to order our rides and services in their daily lives. Our aim is to make a socially responsible service that is available to a wide range of people, so we focus on the affordable price of our services and favorable working conditions for our partners," Ryan Pillosis Rodriguez, head of Maxim in Manila and Quezon, said. 

"I’m sure that Maxim’s TNC status will make both the government and the community trust us more. We’ll ensure safer rides for our clients by thoroughly training our partners and organizing special workshops and seminars,” Rodriguez added.

In the future, after getting all the necessary approvals from the state regulatory authorities, Maxim plans to introduce passenger transportation rates in all the cities of its operation, as well as to start working in other locations of the country. The goal of the company is to operate in the entire country, giving people the opportunity to use the low-cost and familiar service anywhere they would like.

Passengers can also save money entering the promo code “RIDE” that gives them a discount of 10% of the cost listed in the app. Just go to Menu and select Promo Code, then enter the promo code.

Maxim app is available on the App Store, Google Play, App Gallery, Galaxy Store and Get Apps or on the website. Drivers and courier can request to partner with the service via the Taxsee Driver app.

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